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Blogging and money. Some of the sleaziest words in existence. Most folks don’t know how to make money from their blogging, while others are too shy to even attempt it.

And at the same time, without a financial incentive, beginners tend to slack off on learning about this online environment, building a community, or writing great content; if you’re not getting paid, why even bother?

I see a lot of bloggers rushing to monetize, and I think that they got it all wrong: choosing certain topics because they think will make them money (rather than writing about things they’re passionate about),  not focusing on their content as the most important thing on the blog, and overwhelming this uninspiring and uninteresting content with lots of ads.

These blogs rarely survive longer than a few months because the blogger gets frustrated by the lack of initial earnings and/or feedback, and has no real interest in the topic to keep punching those keys.

Should You Monetize From Day One?

This is a tricky question. I did offer short stories for sale, and did half-heartedly try to promote them in my posts and blog’s sidebar, but I didn’t use ads until six months into the journey.

As for selling ad space directly to my readers, I didn’t do that until a year had passed since I started blogging.

My advice? Take your time. Do not rush in the hopes that money will somehow feed your ego, or make you happy, because it won’t. Not in the long run.

Feed your soul. Write the kind of stuff you’d be writing even if money didn’t exist. Or better yet, what if you had seven or so billion dollars? What would you be blogging about then?

Experiment. A lot.

There are literally tens of options for making money from your blog and each one will suit different blogs differently.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • The more creative you are, the more you earn.
  • Readers tend to reward you for the content you share for free (this is why the donation button still works) or because they want more access to you (one-on-one coaching and stuff like that)
  • It is crucial to know your audience. Imagine a short story writer never bothering to sell a compilation of short stories to his readers, but relying on serving ads on his blog.

Also, one thing to be constantly aware of is the indirect method of making money: by building connections with fellow people. Social influence, so to speak. Some blogs never earn much from ads, or from affiliate links, or even from selling products, but they allow the blogger the chance to become friends with future sponsors or business partners: a few years ago I did a business deal with someone who enjoyed my blog a lot. I ended up earning more in a few months than in my previous four years of blogging.

Multiple Income Streams.

I have yet to use a cliche in this post, so this is it: don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Thank you.

Now, my advice would be not just to try everything from ads to selling products to affiliate links, but to also try to have more than just one blog, or more than one medium.

The thing is that some income sources tend to dry up over time.

That’s why that terrible, terrible cliche will help you. A lot.

And, yes, this is what happened to me as I relied heavily on donations and ad revenue. Before that, I’d be pissed every single summer because that meant book sales went down considerably.

Do Not Chase the Dollar. Let it Chase You.

Here’s the thing: if you focus 90% of your time and energy on creating the best content and properly promoting it, then it’s almost impossible not to make money.

Folks e-mail you offering to send you money. I’m not kidding.

That’s why content is still king. And, sadly, it’s one of the least understood tricks of this trade. It’s a failure of the imagination to think that this blogging world is anything other than a meritocracy. Maybe the truest one we’ve ever had.

If you are good enough, the money will come.

If you are interested in earning an income from your blog, in capitalizing on your online popularity, if you’d like to develop a proper plan of action, then you might be interested in enrolling in my “Make Money Blogging” Program here.

Only two spots available.


Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

44 thoughts on “Making Money from Blogging4 min read

      1. You can either:

        1. Self-publish them on Amazon. There are a lot of resources on that on the web.
        2. Post them on a blog, build an audience, create a Patreon/ask for donations.

  1. I’ve been blogging for 2 years and a few months and it’s something I love to do, just now I’ve been thinking about getting my own domain and going self-hosted, and then maybe start making money doing what I love. What I believe is everyone’s dream, right?. I’m not an expert but I think it’s better to wait a while before starting to think big, figure out what you want to write about and have a certain audience is very important. Thank you SO much for this amazing post!

    1. A domain is a must-have, even if you do not make money from your blog. It is like owning a small piece of the Internet. And it’s not that expensive.

      As for self-hosted blogs: tried it once. Figured out it wasn’t worth the hassle. But that was some five years ago, when plugins and all that were unreliable at best. Also, hosting plans were quite expensive.

  2. I have yet to earn money from my blog. I was mainly relying on affiliate links and ads for the first few months. But, I’ve started working on creating my own products and figuring out what to charge for one on one coaching. I want to help people, not just make money so I’m sure I’ll get there one day.

    1. Hi Kamber,

      Affiliate links and ads are great revenue sources as long as you have a lot of traffic.

      As for one-on-one coaching, two ideas: either offer this product for free(well, in exchange for a testimonial if the client liked it) or do a pay what you want (this allows you to find out how much folks are willing to pay for your product).

      1. Thanks so much Cristian. Yes I figured out my traffic wasn’t great for ads yet. My affiliate links get decent clicks, but no buyers yet. I haven’t considered offering free coaching to get some testimonials. But I am excited to give it a try. I am currently conducting some market research with some women, maybe this would be a natural next step. They are asking questions…

    1. Patreon is a platform that enables fans to support creators of all kinds. In this case, a blogger.
      It’s something I am trying on implementing in the future. We’ll see.

  3. Thanks so much for the information. I’m yet to monetize from ads and affiliate links. I did start a YouTube channel doing a hobby of mine – Nail Art tutorials, trying to promote the YouTube channel in with my blog as much as I can. Any advice on that? How can I drive traffic from one to the other?

    1. Different mediums, different media are a bit tricky. Not that many people will become subscribers to both.

      I’d focus more on building a following on Youtube.

      How? Well… Who are the top 10 YouTubers in your niche?

      (This would have been kinda funny if your comment was on my latest post. Now I have to tell you to read that one)

  4. Thank you for talking about making money with blogs. I’m glad someone is talking about it. I need to hear or read the ideas over and over, but in NO HURRY. I love that idea. I don’t need to hurry. I just need to keep learning.

  5. Great post full of great advice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this. I am sure everyone wishes they could make money blogging, but not everyone will… and that is ok. Doing what you’re passionate about is what matters… and in due time, with lots of hard work, it will pay off.

  6. I think if you only blog for money people will see right through you.

    Blog about what you’re passionate about. For me that happens to be personal finance. I genuinely want to provide people with accurate, transparent information about the financial products they use.

    Content is and will continue to be king!

  7. I always like to think of your creating awesome content that is of value and service to others than the money will come, if you want it. Otherwise, delight in the satisfaction that you are providing service that other people can benefit from.

    As Muhammad Ali once said “Service to others is the rent you pay for your space on this planet”

  8. This is some great advice. Thank you for sharing, I think more people need to read this information. A lot of people pay for pro accounts thinking the traffic and money will just start rolling in without really understanding the process.

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