What’s Your Blog Really About?2 min read

When I was six years old I decided that I wanted to become the richest man in the history of the world. I kept imagining what it would be like: to be powerful, to acquire such vast wealth that I could do anything I wanted. How I’d own houses and apartments in the most interesting of cities, how I’d conquer the world one business deal at a time.

As I grew older I realized that I did not want it. I mean, I did want it, but I wasn’t willing to pay the price. It did not want the journey. I just wanted to be teleported to the destination.

The same goes for blogging. Some people think it’s cool to blog. To write some words on a computer or smartphone, and then have a bunch of other people read and cherish said words.

But they do not want to pay the price. To enjoy the journey. The long and lonely walk towards their destination.

They do not know what to blog about, they do not know what their blog is all about. Quite frankly, most of them do not know what they’re all about.

In order to become an artist at blogging, you must know what your blog is all about. What you want to write about, what’s your passion, what makes your heart skip a few beats.

You need to tell yourself a story. The story that you are a blogger, that that’s what defines you, that you are working towards becoming the best blogger in your niche.

How much time did you spend on your About page?

Does it tell the story of why you’re doing this? Of what readers should expect to find on your blog? Does it tell the story of what they have to gain from subscribing and reading your blog?

That’s what the About page is for; your chance (sometimes your only chance) to let people know what your blog is all about. To turn one-time visitors into followers.

If you are not crystal clear on why your blog is worth paying attention to, no one else is going to figure it out for you.

Most About pages tend to be about the author, not about the blog. And most of the time, that’s where visitors will click away, never to be seen again, because they were provided with no compelling reason to ever come back.

A great About page must communicate clearly what the reader can learn and why it’s important to them.

In other words, your “About” page has to sell the blog before the blog can sell you.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

36 thoughts on “What’s Your Blog Really About?2 min read

  1. I agree that an About Page should tell what a blog is all about. But in some cases, I have found that the real reason I clicked on the about pages of some blog’s was to know more about their authors, not necessarily about the blogs.

    For me, one strategy I use to acquaint myself with a new blog I encounter is to read 2 or 3 posts on that blog. They are usually enough for me to make up my mind whether to follow or not to follow the blog.

  2. Hi, this piece is not only informative but inspiring especially for a beginner like me who has gigantic dreams to conquer the world using the art of expressing words articulately. I shall be using your advice in my blogs.
    Thanks and cheers!

  3. Thanks for the reminder to offer more than just talking about myself 😉 I would love to see people engaging on my page and not just clicking! The word ‘nurture’ comes to mind 🙂

  4. Thanks Cristian. Your insights are always compelling me to improve my blogging. It is very telling that I get lots of hits on my About page. As others have already said, a lot of work to do. With nearly two years of consistent writing, I am still learning and growing.

    1. Thank you! That’s my job, basically. I need to think of all the aspects of blogging, and how each of them influences a blog and its success. It’s the fundamentals of all my
      paid blogging programs.

  5. Very good advice. My About page starts with a few, basic autobiographical facts, then goes to my writing method, and ends at the main themes and subjects of my fiction and drama. Over time I’ve modified my About page to make it less about me and more about the writing.

  6. Good points. When I come across a new blog, I usually go to the About page first. If it’s not clear what the blog is about, it’s confusing and hard to determine if it’s one I’d like to follow.

  7. “are we supposed to also have an “about” page!? Doh!… Just kidding, but just as an argument, shouldn’t the blog’s title tell everything about the blog itself in a glance and just three words? (or at least maximum two (still uncut, visible to Reader) triplets of words?

    1. Yes, that’s an option. But you can also write a bit more in your about page. Or maybe you want to use just one word as your blog’s title. Something short and sweet. In that case, you must write something in your about page.

      Doesn’t hurt anyway.

  8. I went and checked my own ‘About’ page (actually titled Welcome for my blog) to see if it was up to snuff after reading this. It’s a little different than most because I’m having to tell the story of…well, my story. Thanks for sharing the advice, as usual!

  9. I love this piece. Thanks for the wonderful advice.
    Can I add one thing? Now, I have been a very recent entry to the blogosphere, so take it for what it’s worth. But I feel or hope that sometimes it’s ok to figure it out along the way, stumble, scratch and restart..all part of the journey. So it’s ok to not know but it’s important to want to know and convey….? Just a thought!

  10. It’s difficult to determine the focus of blog at the very beginning. Until we start our writing journey that we could realise the topics we truly enjoy writing about. If we determine too soon, we might get stuck constraining ourselves to a specific angle without any inspiration.

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