How to End Your Posts Like a Boss4 min read

Once you’ve convinced people to read your post by writing a genius headline, entranced them with your opening, and kept them going with each sentence until the conclusion, you may find yourself wondering…

How do I wrap this thing up?

How you start determines if your post gets read, but how you end determines how people feel about your post.

And, depending on your goals, your ending will determine the success of the piece as a whole.

Begin With the Ending in Mind

One key to a successful ending is to understand exactly where you are trying to take the reader before you ever write a single word.

The goal of any effective writing is to take the reader on an enjoyable, informative ride from point A to point B, possibly persuading along the way. The way to do that is to have clarity before you start.

5 Ways to Close Like a Boss

Here are five great ways to close things out, depending on your goals:

1. Summarize

This three part approach is critical due to the psychological importance of primacy(what we take in first) and recency (what we take in last).

It’s that middle part that often gets kind of neglected by our brains.

So, in the ending, simply summarize, because you don’t want people to keep wondering what was your post actually about.

2. Call to action

What do you want your readers to do? Buy something, call you, download a free e-book, bookmark the post, leave a comment, or subscribe?

Don’t forget to ask, or, if appropriate, tell the reader what to do.

Make it clear what you’d like to have happen.

3. Inspire

Oftentimes a great piece of writing is intended to make people think or feel in a certain way.

If you are inspired when you write the post, your conclusion will many times work itself out based on the way you began. Tie your conclusion back to your opening, but don’t spell everything out for the reader. Rather, let the reader tell themselves the story.

4. Post Script

The post script is used a lot in blogging, although you might not recognize it… it’s called the UPDATE. When a post is updated with new information at the end, you might read the eye-catching update even though you didn’t read the original post, which then prompts you to go ahead and read the whole thing.

5. Cliffhanger

So often online, our goal is simply to make sure people pay attention the next time we show up, whether it be the next email, blog post, or installment in a tutorial, so it’s crucial to build curiosity and offer them a compelling reason to stay tuned in.

Just think of the way Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ended. That kind of cliffhanger, no matter how bad the middle part is, ensures that people will want to know more.

Endings are crucial because the last impression you leave with people is the most important, both in terms of response and emotion.

That’s why having a clear understanding of what your post is about and what type of response you want can make or break your post.




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