How Not to be Boring (as a Blogger)3 min read

There’s something you need to know, and I’m afraid you’re not going to like it.

Your blog is putting me to sleep.

I gave it about three seconds of my attention…

Nothing grabbed my eye. No headline inspired me to read. No images drew me in.

And here’s the thing: it was easy for me to rid myself of your insipid writing, your bland blog. Closed my Internet Browser and that was it.

It doesn’t have to be that way. A few tweaks here, a little more effort there, and your website will stop me in my tracks.

Here’s four ways not to be boring for you to try out this week. This will not be boring…

1. Never forget it’s about me. So speak to me!

If it’s me you’re trying to reach, let me know by tailoring your writing and design so it connects with me.

Find out what angers me, and write about how to fix my problems. Find out what I’m passionate about, and share everything you know about the topic.

Learn what keeps me up at night, and figure out how you can restore my slumber.

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