[FREE TUTORIAL] How NOT to Comment on Other Blogs

Ask any successful blogger for ten ways to get more readers, and I’ll guarantee that one of them will be commenting on other blogs.

But like most things, commenting on other blogs is a double-edged sword. It’s a thing of balance.

And over the past few years, as the number of similar blogs increased, I’ve noticed bloggers using comments (mostly) in highly disadvantageous ways.

The foolproof way to go about this is to write the kind of comments that you’d like to receive on your own blog posts.

As for how not to comment on other people’s blogs, where do I even start?


6 thoughts on “[FREE TUTORIAL] How NOT to Comment on Other Blogs

  1. I think this is good advice in general! I know I am just getting started with the whole “blogging thing,” but I think it’s always best to write the kinds of posts you would like to read as well! Good advice!

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  2. I suppose it runs tight through the thread of the eight points, but I’d want the overriding advice to be “be authentic” – to self, subject, purpose?


  3. I have been wondering about this so I am happy you posted these pointers. I think I’m doing okay with the comments I have left so far. Thanks for posting this.

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  4. These pin pointers do well on wordpress than my experience with facebook. as I ‘m getting more readers on the former than I do with the latter. lol. FB, I only get a few responses. But really good advice. Thanks.

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