If You Quit Blogging, Who Would Miss You?3 min read

If one fine morning you decided to give up on your blog, to never write a post again, who would notice?

Who would miss your writing style, your views on things, your opinions?

Think about this as a way to figure out what is the right direction for your blog.

Who would miss your blog?

It’s a simple question, but one that provokes some interesting thoughts. If you are truly serving a niche with your blog, they should miss you if you’re not there. Imagine that you stopped blogging—would you get any emails asking you what’s up?

Your blog is a part of a neighborhood, whether you realize it or not. Every reader you gain puts a house on your block, and each link you receive is akin to building a bridge or a four-lane highway. You get the idea.

And much like any neighborhood, the selling price of a home is not determined by the number of houses in the area or the number of cars that pass by. In fact, those things can be enough to turn away some buyers completely.

How about a break from the metaphors for a second?

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