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Hey guys,

Cristian here, and I just thought we could have some fun until the new e-book drops.

Ask me anything blogging related in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to offer a proper reply. Anything you’d like to know about blogging, getting readers, monetizing your blog, and stuff like that.


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  • inspirationforwellness

    What made you want to start blogging? What was your very first blog post about?

    • Cristian Mihai

      The need to build a platform as a blogger.

      My first post? Something about it being my first post, and who I was, and that was it.

    • Cristian Mihai

      1. Write more engaging content. Emotionally speaking. Make your readers feel.
      2. Ask questions at the end of your posts. Relevant questions.

  • Schalk

    If you had a time machine that allowed you to talk to your younger self just as you started blogging, what would be your top three points of advice?

    • Cristian Mihai

      1. Never stop learning.
      2. Try to branch out as soon as possible.
      3. Focus more on content and less on promotion/networking.

  • Schalk

    I like Pareto’s principle: the idea that about 80% of your results come from only about 20% of your efforts. In terms of growing your audience, what are the Pareto principle actions that gives a blogger the best return for the time invested?

    • Cristian Mihai

      Focus on the quality of your interactions, not the quantity. Don’t comment “nice post” on hundreds of blogs, but offer thoughtful and interesting comments on a few dozen posts.

  • Utsav Shah

    Cristian, can you please tell me on what should I focus on – Blogging or Studies? I’m a student of Grade 10.

  • BookerTalk

    You always use strong images in your posts. How/where do you find these?

  • mercy salifu

    At what point did you realized you need to monetize your page

    • Cristian Mihai

      Well, I started monetizing early in my blogging career. Six months in, something like that. I was doing just that, as blogging was taking almost all of my time, so I HAD to monetize.

      • mercy salifu

        wow,thank you for the information

  • maitraromikagmailcom

    Hey Cristian,
    First of all, thank you for doing this. I am overwhelmed with all the information the internet provides for new bloggers. And I am sure so many of us are. So, this should be helpful.

    I have just started about a couple of months ago and I am taking it slow. I was getting some visitors initially, however, my last 3 posts have literally zero visits. This seems unusual. Could you please suggest how new bloggers can get some traction in the beginning?

    Also, how important are tags? I thought they were getting me visits initially, but I am not sure anymore.

    thanks in advance,

    • Cristian Mihai

      Focus on creating great content, and then network with fellow bloggers. Read and comment on other people’s blogs.

      Also, tags are extremely important. Never more than 10 tags. Try to make them as general as possible.

  • positivelymemonika

    How did you get into blogging? For me it was the idea of helping and making people happier. What was your fuel ?

    • Cristian Mihai

      Idealistic, but… to change the world. To leave my mark. To share my words and ideas and stories.

      • Monika Gil

        That’s a great goal to achieve x

  • uzma

    Thank you so much.
    How do I know if I have a writer in me, if I must continue this route?
    In this fast and furious age and time where do writers stand?

    • Cristian Mihai

      You don’t. You just do your thing. The more you do it, the more you end up loving it. After a while, the love is still there, or it’s not. You will know. But you can only do by doing it.

  • Andrei Ghircoias

    When it comes to publishing, what do you think of the online route? In the sense of first publishing on a site like Goodreads.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Well, online is the way to go, but I wouldn’t put too much faith on Goodreads. Try Amazon’s KDP. That’s where I release all my novels and short stories.

      • Andrei Ghircoias

        Thank you for the advice!

  • banditø10059793

    How many followers do you need until your site monetization is actually profitable?

    • Cristian Mihai

      It’s not about followers, it’s about what you are selling, and how much your readers trust you.

  • equipsblog

    What do consider a successful blog? Is it a numbers game or a less tangible marker?

    • Cristian Mihai

      It’s more about engagement levels, how much your readers trust you, how much you enjoy writing about the topics you blog about, stuff like that.

  • Anna

    Hi Cristian, I was wondering what a blogger needs to do to monetize their blog in terms of set up. I read that you have to set up your own company and do your own taxes? How does that all work and where does one start? I am thinking about monetizing my blog in the future, but am a bit scared to take that next step as I do not know where to start.

    • Cristian Mihai

      I am not based in the US, so I cannot offer you advice on setting up a company and all that. I am sorry for such an useless answer, but there are surely better resources out there, especially from someone who lives in the US and pays taxes there.

      • Anna

        Haha, I am based in the UK. Does that help? 🙂

      • Cristian Mihai

        I know even less about UK tax laws and such, so I am even more useless.

      • Anna

        Fair enough. It was worth a try 😉

  • Darlene

    My question is about word count. What is the ideal length of a blog post to keep readers engaged? (I know that if a post is too long then it’s called an essay or an article.)

    • Cristian Mihai

      Hi Darlene,

      It’s not about word count, it’s about how engaging your writing is. Also, it’s about the way you format your posts (subheads, bullet points, etc.). Paragraph length also matters.

      These factors matter more than just word count.

      • Darlene

        Thank you, Cristian.

  • Mary

    First, thank you so much for offering your help, I really appreciate you doing something like this! 😄
    Second, here’s my question: Other than commenting on other people’s posts, and using tags, what are some other ways that can get my blog really out there, and make people want to follow it?

    • Cristian Mihai

      Hi Mary,

      Lots of things. You can promote your blog offline to folks you meet, you can use social media, you can pay for ads, you can interact at conferences/meetings, you can guest blog on other people’s blogs, be interviewed, or work on different projects with others.

      • Mary

        Ooh, these are some great ideas, thank you, I’ll be trying them out whenever I can! 😄

  • Ernest H. Abinokhauno

    Hey Cristian! Thank you for all your mentoring posts on this platform

    • Cristian Mihai

      My pleasure, Ernest. I am glad you enjoy reading my content.

  • Rw's Rndm Lfe

    What are your Goals in blogging overall?.

  • jealousjams

    I am writing poetry in my blog and i want to know am i protected by any copyright laws once i post it privately . Not interested in followers at the moment .thanks Jj nathan

    • Cristian Mihai

      Copyright law protects intellectual property from the moment you create something.

  • inspirationforwellness

    What do you think of the different WordPress plans? Which plans create the most bang for your buck and why? Thanks!

    • Cristian Mihai

      I’d say the Premium one. I had the Business, but asked for a refund. The plugins integration didn’t feel right, and it just wasn’t worth the investment.

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