To Blog or Not To Blog?

Some artists, a few popular bloggers, and almost all public speakers will tell you that you have something to say. You are one of a kind. You are unique, beautiful…

The world needs your own experiences and thoughts and…

The truth is that we all desperately want that to be true. Though a great many will deny it, we all wish we’d stand out. But is it true?

90% of bloggers quit within the first few months. They struggle with the fact that they just want to blog. They think that a post will go viral, someone will offer them a book deal…

No. It’s not like that. Not anymore.

No one has the ability to discover you.

You have to go out there and find your audience. You have to coerce them to become avid readers, to become the kind of folks who will stick with you, no matter what. But before I tell you how to do that, I need to tell you a little more about me…

How I Grew an Audience of over 132,000 Readers

Hi there,

My name is Cristian Mihai, and I have been writing for over 14 years now.

In January 2011 I self-published my first novel on Amazon. Launched my first blog, and a Facebook page. I was proud, considering that I was 20 years old at the time, and had quit college to write full time.

Shoot for the stars, jump over the cliff and try to grow wings on your way down.

I sold four copies in four months: 2 e-books, 2 paperbacks. I got two reviews, a four star one from someone who just had read the book description, and two stars from someone who almost read the entire thing. The blog? I wrote three posts, never got a like, a comment, any kind of sign that an actual human being ever visited it. I deleted it after a week or so.

Was blogging dead in 2011?

Far from it.

And I had something to say, and I wanted to say it.

I knew what my dream was.

Yet, I quit.

It wasn’t until April 2012 that I launched another blog. This time, it was different. This time, I knew that I’d never quit. No matter what.

Even after earning $1.05 in royalties for the month of May.

Even after 500 views on my blog.

Even after being asked, begged, and threaten by various friends and family to give up on this nonsense, and find myself a proper job.

And once I did that, everything changed. In less than a year, I had launched a blog, self-published a best-selling eBook, landed a book contract, and built an online audience of over 100,000 blog readers.
How did I do it?
I found my tribe. Realizing no one was going to choose me, I had to choose myself and build my own audience. I didn’t wait for someone to tell me I could start. I did what writers do. I wrote, and I shared my words.

And if you want your message to be taken seriously, you’ll have to do the same.

This is an excerpt from the 2019 edition of The Art of Blogging.

Today only, it’s discounted by 75%.

Seventy-five percent.

Read this book on your tablet, laptop, or even phone, and get all the inspiration, motivation, ideas that you need to take your blogging to the next level.


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