The Worst Blog Post Ever™3 min read

A blank page. An empty Word Document. Saving an empty draft on WordPress. Just the title staring back at you.

You having a staring contest with digital white upon white upon white…

You want to get that blog post written — you really do — but the words just aren’t flowing. They’re not even dripping.

Your mind protests against this type of torture.  Your mind is as frozen as the surface of an icy pond. You just know that whatever you manage to type is going to be the worst piece of writing in the history of . . . well, writing.

But it’s not true. I’m here to tell you why you should go ahead and write The Worst Blog Post Ever™. Here are several reasons to stop worrying about the quality of your writing and just punch the damn keys.

1. Guts

Everything you want is just on the other side of fear. Choose fear, and you feed it, help it grow and grow until it seems impossible.

The opposite is also true. By just writing something and hitting the “Publish” button, you’ll train yourself to overcome your inner demons, and the next time you sit down to write, it’ll be easier. Do this enough times, and you’ll reinforce courage to the point where it comes naturally.

That’s when writing becomes fun.

2. Fail. Fail. Fail.

This one sounds like bad news, I know. But if you’re going to screw up, you might as well get it over with.

There’s a big difference between wanting to give up after you fail, and not even trying for fear that you might fail.

The truth is, failure is an integral part of learning. If you ever want to master blogging, then you need to give yourself a chance to fail. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll improve.

So get started.

3. Have no fear of perfection

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is thinking their writing needs to be perfect.

No reason to fear perfection, for you’ll never reach it. Besides, it’s not that important anyway. Authenticity is more important for bloggers, even if it means being authentically screwed up.

People like reading a letter from a friend, coffee stains and all, much more than they like reading a textbook that’s flawless from cover to cover.

It’s all about being real. We all crave connection, and I think that’s why blogging has become such a popular medium.

If you can find that courage, then your readers will love you, imperfections and all. Try it.

4. Your voice, your vision, your thoughts, your mind…

Whether you believe it or not, right now, there are people searching for the posts that you’ve not yet written. They’re frustrated, they’re hurting, and the only way they are going to get relief is from the information inside your head.

Will you withhold it from them? Will you tell them that you can’t help them because . . . well . . . you haven’t thought of the best way to write it yet?

Or will you set aside your fears, just for the moment, and punch the damn keys, not even thinking if your blog post is as good as it should be?

Because, you see, your readers aren’t looking for the perfect blog post. They’re looking for the blog post that’s just perfect for them.

Your job is to write it.

Will you?

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  1. I love the point made about being authentic. Authenticity is severely lacking in society as a whole. Part of why I’m loving blogging is that you see people’s true faces, their true selves.

  2. Thank you for all the information you put out there. I tried once before to blog and I just was afraid I think. That was a few years back and I believe I am in a better state of mind. I was a little afraid at first but now I love doing it. The words just come out. I love it!

  3. Good advice for when one is suffering from writer,s block.

    Like that Nike advert
    Just do it.

    Just write it.

  4. Wow!! I just want to say very nice well-said. This is just what I wanted to hear. And you’re totally right, people want to hear what you think, not the perfect blog post. I have this truggle omtimes, thanks for this.

  5. So true… what you have to say may be needed to hear so why wait for the perfect way to say it? If you can help someone and don’t… that would be the worst!

  6. Sounds like my everyday struggle. Well written.

  7. I loved this! Great advice & thanks for the tips!👍🏾

  8. These are very nice gems.

  9. Thanks for the pep talk. As my artist friend recommends, “Just go into your studio and do it. The world needs to see more of your art!”.

  10. Wow! Fantastic post! Reblogging!

  11. Reblogged this on All The Shoes I Wear and commented:
    Absolutely fantastic post! Read, enjoy then pop over and hit that Follow button!

  12. It’s called Writer’s Block : why do you feel like a butterfly in a hurricane?

  13. Really loved the topic! 🙂

  14. a blog post just perfect for me.thanks

  15. Great post! Screw perfectionism, it’s a poisoned chalice.

  16. Authenticity in a world full of non-authenticity – makes sense! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I’m absolutely guilty o thinking too much instead of doing. When I hope it will be perfect, it just leads to never be done. It’s good to have reminders that done is better than perfect. Thank you!

  18. love the points you made and the recommendations! well written and relatable

  19. Thank you for that post! It rings so true! Sure, some of our posts will suck, and sometimes I’ll go back to a post to find something I missed while I was editing (typos, anyone?), but those are my mistakes, and I wouldn’t have made them if I hadn’t written the post. I’ll just shake my head, call myself an air-head and pay more attention next time. No need for despair. We all learn more from making mistakes than we do from getting it right the first time… right? 🙂

  20. Thank you for this post so much. Definitely feel like I can relate to it.

  21. Perfect, simply perfect for me! Thanks.

  22. This post is wonderful and encouraging, keep it up

  23. Highly relatable!

  24. This is lifting

  25. Encouraging, thanks!

  26. As a new blogger, this is very encouraging as well as great advice. Thanks so much.

  27. Thank you ! Just publishing the post has been the basis of my new blog, as I have a tendency to get lost in how I should write something. Has anyone ever read what they’ve written on the fridge in a spurt of creativity and been surprised, or a little inspired? This comment is using the same method lol. Sometimes the less tampering the better, and that way you stick to the original idea – which is often what people most need to hear at the time.

  28. I never go near a blank page. There’s always some notes written all over the place. I tend to read over my notes until I find a thought that fits the notes, then add to it. Although I like to go for short posts 🙂

  29. It’s interesting that you wrote this. I think it is just for me. When I am working on my book, I know that I need perfection in everything. When I start writing a blog, I automatically start worrying about word use, grammar, etc…, then, I realize that I can just write without all the pressure. At that point I am able to relax and let it flow.

  30. Being new to blogging, I’m already suffering from this affliction. I’m looking at my posts and analyzing my writing while I go and find myself wondering if my writing is too dull and if I should add more humor; write in a consistent format or publish whatever I “feel” at the time in whatever form that takes? I came to the same conclusion as you. Just write. BTW, I edited this comment five times. 🙂

  31. Every day! 🙂

  32. You’ve just got yourself a new Follower! Darn good post that you should be proud of! We all need that boost sometimes and thanks for being that one for me right now.

  33. Yeah!!! Let’s write it…..

  34. I loved this line of yours “readers aren’t looking for the perfect blog post. They’re looking for the blog post that’s just perfect for them.”

    This truly resonated with me. Thank you 😊

  35. This has to be one of the most positive reads for me at the moment, I stress so much about what I write and whether or not it’s good enough, I can spend more than necessary on one post and I end up hating it!

    I’ve taken all of the above on board, thank you!! (I love reading your posts)

  36. Thanks. This post is really a morale booster for newbie bloggers/writers like me!

  37. Awesome post, it really spoke to me. I love this👇

    “Because, you see, your readers aren’t looking for the perfect blog post. They’re looking for the blog post that’s just perfect for them.

    Your job is to write it.”

  38. ‘will you set aside your fears, just for the moment, and punch the damn keys, not even thinking if your blog post is as good as it should be?’ My mantra .. needed this .. thanks

  39. I have a big problem with perfection! Sometimes I spent to much time trying to fix every detail of my post. It’s exausting 😂😥

  40. I choose to write. I choose to get over all my fears. I mean heyyy.. if there is a possibility of me failing then I might as well get it over with.

    Your post inspired and motivated me.

  41. You’re so damn right… Love your work😀

  42. Once again you have shared a gem. This is so on point. I have saved this and I will be sharing this post. Thanx for all that you do. 😃👍🏾

  43. This is so true! I often find it more difficult to write when I am so concerned about what others would think. I mean, yes, people’s opinion matters especially if you want to have followers. But at the same time, I find it easier to write once I decide to just let my thoughts flow naturally. The next thing I know is I already come up with a post.

    • It’s all a balancing act. Much like walking on tightrope.

      You must write about what sets your soul on fire, but in such a way that your readers can relate to and understand your words.

  44. Well written… it’s an inspiration for all new bloggers… I first posted a blog in 2016… and it took me other 3 yrs to write again… once I hit… it does come to me… 👍

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