The Worst Blog Post Ever™3 min read

A blank page. An empty Word Document. Saving an empty draft on WordPress. Just the title staring back at you.

You having a staring contest with digital white upon white upon white…

You want to get that blog post written — you really do — but the words just aren’t flowing. They’re not even dripping.

Your mind protests against this type of torture.  Your mind is as frozen as the surface of an icy pond. You just know that whatever you manage to type is going to be the worst piece of writing in the history of . . . well, writing.

But it’s not true. I’m here to tell you why you should go ahead and write The Worst Blog Post Ever™. Here are several reasons to stop worrying about the quality of your writing and just punch the damn keys.

1. Guts

Everything you want is just on the other side of fear. Choose fear, and you feed it, help it grow and grow until it seems impossible.

The opposite is also true. By just writing something and hitting the “Publish” button, you’ll train yourself to overcome your inner demons, and the next time you sit down to write, it’ll be easier. Do this enough times, and you’ll reinforce courage to the point where it comes naturally.

That’s when writing becomes fun.

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