Are You Guilty of Making These Mistakes?1 min read

Some of the folks who offer “blogging advice” seem to be focusing on what you shouldn’t do instead of offering advice on what to do. Perhaps this is a more effective way to get certain points across?

Okay. Here are four of the biggest mistakes people make.

4. Do you write for search engines instead of people?

Your blog posts are boring, keyword stuffed, and serve only to fill the blank spots between ads.

If you actually care about your topic, you need to stop giving a damn about SEO and start writing from the heart. Like a real person. For real people to read your content and relate to it.

3. Are you doing what everyone else is doing with their blog in your niche?

You need your own unique story now,  your own way of analyzing things. Everything has already been written about, but if you can find a different perspective over things, that’s valuable.

2. Do you agonize over writing a great post, only to slap on some hastily-concocted post title that all but guarantees hardly anyone will read?

Less-than-compelling headlines kill more solid blog posts than any other blogosphere affliction.

If your titles are not making people want to read your posts, then you’re losing readers. No way around it.

1. Do you rattle on excessively about your personal life, your dog, your goldfish, and your recent appendectomy?

You’re suffering from egocentritus. Only famous people can (kinda) get away with it.

If you’re not famous and rich and beautiful, don’t write about your personal life. Just don’t.


  1. The 4th and the 1st point seriously turn me off. Often, I can’t understand what the post is all about form the title – there are so many hashtags stuffed in there.
    Thanks for sharing these tips with us, Cristian.

  2. I’m guilty
    Of all sorts of mistakes… and it’s okay.

  3. I didn’t realise you could # in the post, I add them at the add a hashtage section so I’m not guilty of that. I think because I am writing from the heart that I might be guilty of the last point. So thanks I will have this issue hovering in my mind when I write my next blog. Ultimately they do draw upon my life experience but I understand exactly what you mean. Thanks, very relevant post. x

  4. Oh…1 and 3…need to get a grip on those…

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    Sound advice mate. Now you have really made me think!

  6. I will admit the last point I get to. I feel like I get lost in thought writing my blogs which will in fact do that to my reader. So this has been a very helpful lesson. I am taking this, all points to heart.

  7. Short but insightful! Learning a lot.

  8. Very informative. I don’t take the time to really think about titles, I just go with the one that feels and sounds right. I could do better.

    • Spend more time. Write down a few options. See how they fit your blog post. Then choose.

      Some folks spend an awful lot of time working on their headlines because if the headline sucks, no one’s going to read their blog posts, no matter how great the content itself is.

      Headlines and intros are the most important elements of a blog post.

    • I am also like that.

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  11. This post really made me think of my writing. I am always advised to write about what is trending.

  12. I agree with all. Especially SEO optimization. Sometimes just feels like a hard line to toe when you are trying to make a life out of blogging or freelance. I always try to make my posts in my voice and as genuine as possible, but it feels like if you don’t play the game, you don’t get the traffic.

  13. Thank you for this 🙂

  14. Crap! I’m writing about my personal life…but that is kind of what I have going on. So how do you get around that? 🙂

  15. All these tips are really helpful! I’m new to blogging and have a lot to learn!

  16. Well, I failed on item #1 … my personal life has been the topic this week as I’ve celebrated a family wedding and my 80th birthday. I hope it’s not too big a turn-off!!

  17. Thank you so much. Your tips are amazing.

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