How Confident of a Blogger are You?3 min read

Every morning I watch a few motivational speeches. I mostly listen to them, but this morning I took extra care to watch (and try to analyze) the body language of various speakers. Body language accounts for the majority of your communication – not your words.

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s cool, Cristian, but what does this have to do with blogging?”

Read on if you want to find out.

Body language is related to motion. That’s it. And, truth be told, it’s all just a balancing act. No motion is boring, and too much movement gives off a nervous vibe.

So confidence is seen in meaningful movement. Walk with purpose — you know where you’re headed — walk calmly, and walk with confidence.

When not moving, your stance says a lot about you. For instance, a wide stance is considered masculine and confident. A narrow stance, with feet together, is very feminine or meek. Picture a police officer, hulking over passing pedestrians in a nearly awkwardly wide stance. He’s doing that to appear in control (whether he feels that way or not). But then consider that anytime someone is portrayed as either a child or someone equally helpless, this is done with feet tightly together (and usually shoulders slightly shrugged).

Again, balance is important.

Being confident when blogging

Yes, no one can see your body language when you blog, but:

  • Walk with confidence. Online. Find your niche and take command of it. Live it and breath it, and do so unapologetically. As mentioned in the past, being a blogging authority starts with considering yourself one. In the same way no one will respect you when you speak in public unless you look the part, your presence online won’t hold water unless you carry yourself confidently.

The world changes its opinion about you the day after you do. You must first see yourself as confident, and then the world will adjust to this new found belief.

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