How Do You Stand Out in This Crowded Blogging World?2 min read

Ever sat down to write and felt like there’s nothing left to blog about? All the great ideas have been written about.

I mean, sure, you try to find a different angle, to write from your own point of view, to infuse your idea with that personal touch, but those things are supposed to enhance a great idea.

And you start to wonder: how are you supposed to stand out, writing about the same old stuff as everyone else?

You’d think it would be impossible, but it’s not…

When I first started writing fourteen years ago, I was obsessed with coming up with that brilliant idea. I’d brainstorm and brainstorm, and my mind worked relentlessly on coming up with ideas for short stories, novels, scripts, etc…

Six years I spent like this. And, trust me, I came up with some pretty interesting ideas. Take Dome for instance. Great premise. SF Thriller. A domed city at the South Pole. Lots of intrigue and stuff.


The thing is that the first novel I finished writing, and the first one I published, had the lamest idea ever.

It was an unrequited love story. Set in Paris. About a writer. And this Great Gatsby sort of vibe going on.

Jazz, as the novel would go on to be named, sold thousands and thousands of copies. It is still my bestselling work.

So, I kind of realized that the execution matters a lot.

Truth be told, your best bet for succeeding with your blog is to find a topic lots of people are blogging about, and then start a blog about the exact same subject.

You don’t want to be a copycat. Just do these two things:

  • Understand your readers better than anyone else.  Figure out what they want, why they want it.
  • Figure out the best way to offer your readers what they want.

There’s a what and there’s a how. Your readers provide the what, you provide the how.

It’s that simple.

Figure out how to deliver the kind of content your readers are dying to read, and you’ll surely stand out as a blogger.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

33 thoughts on “How Do You Stand Out in This Crowded Blogging World?2 min read

  1. Your posts always have something useful to say and this one is really awesome.. it’s every blogger’s concern Atleast at some point..what to write and what topics to blog about that’s not something already written a no of times… thanks for your useful contents..great post😊

  2. Thanks again for the reminder to write for our readers and not for ourselves—to figure out what our readers are pondering so they can be engaged by our writing. We have the answers. We just need to articulate for ourselves the right questions! I suppose it’s about taking time to listen first…before writing.

    1. This is how our blog came to be….our design clients were thirsty for our knowledge. Even the things we thought a bit silly. We find it’s a nice way to give a little bit back too.

  3. I don’t know why, but I’m in love with the featured image. Also, great advice, lol.

  4. Great advise, thanks for that! Being one of your readers, these kind of posts are indeed read by me, clearly in need of such 🙂 I still struggle with my readership as our topics cover a large spectrum of things. So people come and go and search on our blog for what they need specifically. Just writing what our readers would like to read seems to be impossible as often we want to open their minds and broaden their horizons in an unconscious way… Without them asking for it or even realising it…

  5. Thanks for the article. I am thinking out loud. How do i deliver the content my readers are dying to read when I do not have the readers. How do i know what they want. I write great articles but no one comments. I only have I or 2 views.

  6. It’s interesting, that you say to find something many people write about. It’s an opposite what many others preach – find a niche not many people write about. I suspect both have pluses and minuses – popular topic means people like to read about it, but it’s difficult to be unique and add something new. A niche blog can have not as much potentially interested people, but at the same time, if you produce decent content it has a bigger chance to be better than other available options.

      1. I like your philosophy. It makes blogging more human, and not market-centered. Not ignoring the market part, but writing for humans, not numbers. I think this is what bloggers want to read 🙂 I already know who I write for. What do they want? I’m still learning.

      2. Everyday I get encouraged with your blog posts.They give me the momentum to continue blogging. To forget about the numbers and concentrate on my readers. I’m still getting acquitted with my audience despite no comments yet. I believe that eventually I’ll reach to where I want to be

  7. Thank you for writing us some solid advice once again. It’s true though, as a blogger you definitely need to keep your readers in mind when deciding on what to write about. You don’t want to put up a post on your blog that your readers won’t be interested in or care about.

  8. Woohoo, you are writing from the last 14 years, it’s just amazing… You are a great blogger and writer. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  9. Your advice is just what I needed. I blog on the same subject as many of my peers–crafts and food. I just need to remember to understand what they want and provide what they need in my own words. Thank you!

    1. It’s all about sharing a different perspective, Cheryl. No matter how fierce the competition, they don’t have your voice, ideas, thoughts, and views on things.

  10. Thank you Cristian. Question – I’m writing a spiritual blog. What category should I publish it under? I don’t quite understand the category option.

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