Why Being Bold is Essential to Having Success as a Blogger

There are thousands and thousands of other blogs that talk about the same thing your blog does.

Read that sentence again and let it sink in for a moment. With so many blogs talking about the same topics, how will you differentiate yours from the rest? How can you come up with new and interesting angles on the same topics for both your post and your overall blog theme?

If you don’t mind being just another blog among millions, just keep talking about the same thing. But if you want to be considered a successful blogger, you have to find a way to get noticed. You have to stick out from the crowd.

How do you get noticed? You gotta be bold.

There’s no other way.

Make Bold Selections for Post Topics

Whenever you sit down to write a post, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. If a reader saw my blog post’s headline and briefly skimmed the post in their feed reader, would they click on the story to read the whole thing?
  2. If I were the editor of a very popular blog, would I link to this article?

If the answer to these questions is NO, go back and rethink your post. Writing a regular post that people have read a million times on other blogs is a waste of your time. No one wants to read another.

Why Bold Works

Why does being bold work better than being humble and understated, as I think many of us would prefer to be? Here’s why:

  • It stands out. Again, there are millions of blogs out there … how will you get noticed among the cacophony of all those blogs? If you think bigger and bolder than all of them, you will get noticed.
  • You’re more clickable. If your headline is in someone’s feed reader, or they see your headline on another blog among a list of links, they will be more likely to click on you if you’re bold. It’s almost irresistible.
  • People talk about you. It’s good if people start talking about you. They read your bold post, and they talk about it on their blog. “ Whether people disagree with you or not is immaterial — you want them talking about you.
  • People link to you. When other blogs talk about you, they link to you. And that’s the most important effect of all.
  • You become an expert. This will be a controversial assertion, most likely, but I’m speaking from experience. If you talk about the same topics as everyone else, but you say it in a bolder way, over time you will begin to be see as an expert on the topic.
  • Cumulative effect. What’s the effect of all of these things? Being noticed, being clicked on, being talked about, being linked to, and being considered an expert … well, the long-term answer is obviously more links and more traffic and more search engine traffic and more ad revenues. That is probably a good thing for most blogs.

I can personally testify that this method of being bold with your post topics and headlines works. I don’t purposely exaggerate, but I sometimes take a regular post and bring it to another level.

Take your regular post ideas and bold them up. You’ll get noticed, and that’s what matters.

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