Patr(e)ons of the Art of Blogging

22nd of April, 2012. Constanta, Romania.

A date and a place. A scrawny kid decided to start a blog. A date that is forever tattooed on this kid’s arm. He decided to write for an audience, even if he knew nothing about finding one.

It all seemed… difficult. Impossible. Like a dream from another life.

Yet he punched those damn keys every single day. Who am I kidding? He was writing with the equivalent confidence of someone whose voice is shaking.

He did not give up.

Even when he got 500 views during his first month of blogging. His total income amounted to $1.05 before taxes.

He kept writing, even though doubt would creep into his soul on his most lonely nights.

He kept blogging, writing about art, about books, about the things that inspired him, that set his soul on fire.

He knew one thing and one thing only: that he’d promised himself to never, ever give up. No matter what. He’d keep on writing, even if it killed him. Why? Because giving up on this dream would surely do.

That kid is me, and this is the introduction to me taking The Art of Blogging to a new level.

What if…

What if I were to tell you that I’m going to post a tutorial every two weeks? The kind of content that you don’t usually get to read. Better in every way. The kind of content that can give you a clear edge when it comes to blogging.

Maybe this sounds fancy, but it’s true.

TUTORIAL: How To Write a Fantastic Blog Post per Week

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: it’s Monday morning, and you’re ready to get some writing down. In your head, you’re already publishing an epic blog post.

But then you sit at your desk. That damn blank draft of doom; the words are stubborn, the muse shy.

Can’t find the time(and/or energy) to write at least a blog post every week? Does blogging feel like a chore from hell?

The “secret” to being consistent is much simpler than you might think.

Want to publish that epic post? Week after week after week?

Here’s how you can do it …

What if I were to tell you that you can also:

  • download these tutorials
  • receive (other) exclusive content
  • read certain blog posts before they get published here
  • message me
  • take part in our very own community on reddit

How much would you pay for all this? On a monthly basis?

I can’t read minds. Yet. But I can tell you that you thought of more than what I thought about.

Because all this costs $4 per month. That is it.


Yes. Four dollars per month for all of that.


Become a Patr(e)on of The Art of Blogging. Help us help you. Simple.

For as low as $4.

Oh, and I forgot about the special offer: become a Patr(e)on of The Art of Blogging before the end of the week and receive a special shoutout here, on the blog. A link to your blog included.

If you enjoy the content, if you want more, if you just want to support the Art of Blogging, if you want to work with me (there are some higher tiers for that), if you want to get your hands on those fantastic tutorials…


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