What is a Blogger’s Most Valuable Trait?

  • How can we write better blog posts?
  • Why do even skilled writers miss the target sometimes?
  • What is one leading cause of blog posts that fails to influence readers?

I would argue that there’s this one trait that separates great bloggers from so-so ones, and it has less to do with words and grammar than you might think.

What is this magic thing?


Understanding your reader has to be the most important part of any writer’s job, but it’s especially true when blogging. Knowing what a reader is likely to be thinking helps you to anticipate and mirror those thoughts, offer clarification where it is needed, and build trust.

And yet, most bloggers fail when they write about themselves, not the reader. When you’re more concerned about your own needs, or how you appear, or your own personal preferences for style and format instead of finding out what your prospective reader really prefer, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Think about these things whenever you sit down to write your posts:

  • What objections might they raise?
  • Which are their most urgent motivations?
  • How would a reader prefer to receive this information?

Getting these insights can be as simple as talking to your readers. Ask open questions with surveys, rather than leading them to the answer you’re looking for.

Reading your reader’s mind could be the most valuable thing you do for the effectiveness of your blogging, while focusing on your own preferences and desires is likely the worst.

12 thoughts on “What is a Blogger’s Most Valuable Trait?

  1. Whoa, that last statement is extreme. A person cannot read another person’s mind and should not be expected to. I wonder how many writers are discouraged because they want to write what they love but are told that they cannot -if the number is more than one it is far too high. I write because it makes me happy and because I genuinely enjoy it. While I hope it will help someone and positively contribute to their happiness, the value of my writing does NOT depend on how others like it. Focusing on your passion and writing what you love is the BEST thing you can do when writing.


  2. I absolutely agree with this.
    I think the success of a great piece of writing depends on two things.
    How well he knows his audience and his intent for writing. Knowing these two sets the tone and the pace of the writing.
    Great write up! Cheers and more power to you! 🍸

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