How Much Does a Cup of Coffee Cost?

How much do you pay for a cup of coffee?

Two dollars? Three?

Do you have to budget this expense? Do you even consider it a big expense?

You read this blog, and I am sure you enjoy it, and that my content has helped you.

If that is so, and we could meet, would you buy me a cup of coffee?

You know, just to thank me for the information I shared with you over the time, and so you could pick my brain for more advice that will help you immensely on your blogging journey.

Well… you can do just that.


$4 per month, and you get access to me, to exclusive content, to a ton of extremely useful tutorials, and to two e-books that will help you a lot.

What is four dollars? The price of a cup of coffee…

Is my content worth that big of an investment from you?

If so, do consider becoming a patron today.

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