Do You Truly Care About Your Readers?

Or is it really all about you?

If there’s one thing that I keep saying over and over again, it’s that the key to effective blogging is a relentless focus on the needs of the people you are trying to reach.

But the truth is that there are two prime examples of ways in which many are not getting it. The funny thing about these two things is that they are both aspects of what makes the Internet truly unique as a marketing platform, and yet we often fail to take advantage of them.

Take a look to see if you’re guilty of either of them.

1. You create content in a format that you personally prefer

One thing that many who publish online share in common is that we prefer to read. It’s faster to scan, pull out selected pieces of information, and decide whether to invest in a more careful examination.

The problem is, statistically the majority of people don’t like to read, and don’t comprehend and retain well when they do. The result is, those of us who publish only in text are fighting over a limited audience, while a larger group of people go under served.

I hear bloggers all the time claiming that they don’t do audio, video, or visually enhanced online presentations because they personally don’t prefer to consume information that way. But the question you should be asking yourself is:

What format does my prospective audience prefer?

Psychology tells us that even those who learn primarily from text can benefit from a multiple media format approach. Multimedia content (combinations of text, audio, and visual elements) is perceived as more valuable, because for a large segment of the population, it is more valuable.

Start thinking about how you can gain a competitive advantage in your niche by presenting content in other formats.

2. You ignore the reader

“I write for myself. I don’t care if anyone reads my blog.”

First of all, this statement is false. If you weren’t interested in readers, then you would write all your stuff on your computer, in a notepad, keep it all under your bed or in a closet.

But, no, you choose to publish your words online. You want to be read.

So why ignore the one person who knows what they want to read, and how they want to read your content?

The reader.

The most underrated aspect of blogging.

The Internet is the most easily testable media environment so far. Everything online is trackable, and there are plenty of low cost and even free tools to do it with, so there’s really no excuse for not testing your content.

Besides, you can always just ask your readers what is it that they’d like to read more from you.

Next time you write a blog post, just ask yourself this question:

How can I write this post in such a way that it will most benefit my readers?

That’s it.

How can you help them solve a problem, learn something new, be inspired or motivated, offer them a unique perspective about a certain area of their lives…

And remember… blogging is all about people. Well, other people besides yourself.

34 thoughts on “Do You Truly Care About Your Readers?

      1. I am leaning towards a podcast. Although, I’m thinking narrating my posts would be a good idea on making my sight user friendly for those who are visually impaired or who may have difficulty reading… you, Christian, are a genius!


  1. This is most cogent. if I have photos of a place or an event, and those in the photos don’t mind, then I will include the visuals. I work at not using words that my readership might find extravagant or boastful. The idea of any post I write is to either provoke thought or to build a community.

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  2. I think there is also the point of view that we are searching for like minds (some of us) and being that there are so many millions on the web there should be a niche… or maybe I am being naive, but you make me at least think about it, thanks.

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  3. There has to be a space in our minds and hearts for the readers and ourselves. What I write has to resonate first with myself otherwise I don’t feel authentic but I 100% want to benefit the reader to some degree. Whether as writers we achieve that is another thing but that’s always the aim.

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  4. Enough to overwrite AI’s original program and replace it with mine instead like a theatre program.

    That way it shouldn’t go all skynet on everyone negatively, it/she has a friend inside now.

    So in that sense I care about them but I will never ever write/create anything just to please them, that’s what you and the rest are for.

    I just hold off the dragon basically, the elephant in the rooms watching all of us constantly.


  5. I always forget that I can ask my readers what they would like you read from me. Thanks for reminding me, Cristian. And I have to admit, I’m guilty of the first one. Will have yo work on that. This was a very helpful post which also reminded me a couple of things!

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