What’s Your Purpose?3 min read

When you sit down to write a blog post, what’s your purpose?

Are you just trying to fill space so your blog doesn’t go more than 24 hours without being updated?

Are you interested in promoting a product, or convincing your reader to buy something?

Are you trying to express yourself through your blog, and make a meaningful statement?
Are you trying to educate your readers on a topic?

Are you trying to provoke discussion?

When you write a blog post, you need to know why you’re writing. Every one of the reasons for writing above (with the possible exception of the first one) is legitimate.

Why is it important to have a purpose for your blog writing? There are at least three reasons:

Purposeful writing connects

When you write a blog post with purpose, your readers know it. It shines through in your writing. You are able to meet your readers on a personal level. This is important, because it helps to foster trust, which is an essential part of any blog.

Purposeful writing convinces

If you sit down and haphazardly write a post about why Product X is so grand and why your readers should buy it through your affiliate link, you’re not going to have many sales. To turn readers into buyers, you have to be convinced and passionate about what you’re writing. Writing with purpose means your readers can tell that you really believe in the product you’re recommending.

Purposeful writing changes

When you write with purpose, you have the power to change minds. That can be through a simple addition of knowledge – you’ve changed your reader’s knowledge base. Purposeful blog writing can change an opinion, too. Purposeful writing can, of course, also change a reader into a buyer.

5 Examples of Blogging With Purpose

Here are five contexts in which you can perform purposeful blogging:

  1. News Items: Whenever news breaks that supports the need or usefulness of your product or service, enthusiastically blogging about it creates a connotation that “sells” what you offer without you “selling.” Just make sure to close with a call to action.
  2. Idea Association: Let’s say there are bloggers with bigger audiences in your niche. These people may be viewed as thought leaders, so a post that shows how your own thinking intersects with that of these industry leaders creates a positive association and possibly a relationship with that bigger blogger.
  3. Rally the Troops: On the other hand, blogging about ideas or situations that you and your audience oppose gives you the opportunity to bring your community closer together.
  4. Value Demonstration: At the root of all purposeful blogging is a demonstration of value. Each post you write should reinforce why readers pay attention to you, and convince newcomers that they should be paying attention to you.
  5. Viral Content: While it’s never a sure-shot, sometimes we recognize an opportunity for content to be purposefully attractive to social media news sites. Make sure to follow through with your purpose with smart content promotion.

So, what about you? When you sit down to write a blog post, what’s your purpose?


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  • motivatedandfree

    Great piece. It’s like having a guide on writing a blog post, instead of riding the long road with no destination ..

  • aminutewithmama

    My purpose for blogging these days, is to purge the thoughts that rattle in my head. I don’t necessarily do it for anyone other than myself, because honestly? If my friends read what I wrote, they’d probably want me to go for a psych eval. As I wrote in my own blog just today, it’s cathartic. It helps me to think more clearly, after I’ve put everything out on digital paper. I don’t feel my blog is anything special, more of a digital diary to review later on in life, when I can look back and go, “man…was I really that depressing?”

  • Dood

    SWEET TIPS, sparks my mind

  • sharrumkin

    To share thoughts and ideas

  • Raney Simmon

    My purpose for writing is to explore the emotions running through my head. When it comes to my blog, I write for the purpose of talking about the things I enjoy in the hope that I’ll be able to connect to others with similar interests. But I also hope to have intellectual conversations too, not always talking about books and video games but sometimes talking about the things some people just don’t want to talk about.

  • leahsletters

    Thank you for these really practical pieces of advice!

  • RealThoughts

    When I sit down and write, my purpose is to share my thoughts and wisdom with others to hopefully help and inspire them. For me it’s like therapy and I often find the things I write are advice for myself as well. If I can inspire or help even just one person, it’s totally worth it!

  • JanBeek

    I write to inspire. I want my readers to love life, One Another, nature, God, and His creations (which include themselves). You help me keep focused on that purpose by frequently asking that pertinent question, Cristian. Thank you for doing that!

  • JanBeek

    Oh, I just realized this was reposted on Cristian’s site, but it’s Jordan who wrote it. Thank YOU, Jordan!

  • alexmd89

    Awesome and informative. This is Art of Blogging 🙂

  • Cailin Conroy

    I write anything as if I’m talking directly to a person. I don’t think I could write any different if I tried. I rarely write about anything about not passionate about and it all just flows out. If anything I’ve tried to teach myself to hold back! Awesome post! 😉

  • Vihani

    100% agree!

  • Gunta

    Great tips 🙂

  • indulgeinlife

    great read 😀
    my purpose for blogging recently is to have an outlet to share and create content, based on my interests. I like to share my unique perspective and apply lessons, or anything at that, towards my blogging.
    I also believe it’s a fun creative outlet to learn, grow, connect, share, etc.
    One of the best parts of blogging? It is reading, discovering, being inspired by other bloggers around you. Sharing is so infinite and powerful!
    love it xx

  • itsjusttiana

    Great post! I learned so much.
    My purpose is to inform and let people in similar situations as me not feel so alone. I have anxiety, I’m disabled, and I still don’t have my shit together. Whether it’s giving out advice or just ranting about these things, I like to think that people out there can relate and hopefully learn something too.
    I honestly didn’t realize this purpose until just now when I read this blog. It really made me stop and think for a moment. Thank you.

  • Beloved Feona

    Thank you.. I personally write to encourage, and stir up others to a better place through sharing my life reflections and recollections all the way.

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