Who Cares? No One2 min read

Hi there, I’m your reader. Thanks for the free content, but I just don’t care. This free content you’re publishing on your blog is worthless, because content about you is worthless to me.

Hello… is this thing on?

Selfish Blogging

We’re all selfish, aren’t we?

We love to talk about ourselves. We want to tell people how wonderful we are and blather on about how much they need us. We ramble incessantly about our achievements and our “adventures”. We’re all about us.

Want a tip? They don’t care about us. They care about themselves.

Let’s talk about you

For content to be effective, it has to be about “you” (as in them), not “me” (as in the blogger).

Most bloggers get this wrong, and every sentence (or almost) begins with “I.”

“I did this. I did that.”

They’re all “me, me, me.”

Don’t you hate it? Perfect strangers exhibiting their lives as if it’s meant to somehow mean something to someone living half a world away.

Yes, writing about your experiences can inspire and motivate others, but it can also be a huge mistake. It’s a balancing act that beginners should not attempt it.

Want a sure way to get people to read your blog?

Don’t talk at them; talk about them. People love to discuss themselves. They love hearing about themselves even more. They want to feel as if someone cares… someone who’s listening and acknowledging them.

People want to hear you hearing them.

You + Me = “We”

A good trick is to write your content as if you’re addressing readers directly, while focusing on their desires and needs. Don’t flatter your own ego by penning boastful descriptions of you and your life.

Show people you’re listening instead.

Write for the person on the other side of the ocean who happened to stumble upon your blog.

You understand them. You feel their pain. You know the suffering…and now you can offer the solution.

That’s where “we” comes in. Once you’ve established “you,” it’s easier to engage the reader and move into “we.”

Together, you and the reader become a team. Together, you’re solving the problem.

OK, now I’m listening.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

33 thoughts on “Who Cares? No One2 min read

  1. Oh thank you, maybe that is what I am doing wrong. I read that we were supposed to talk about ourself so the reader gets to know us better and make it more personal….but yours makes more sense, I’ll try that for now on. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Unfortunately I have to disagree about this, because every person write blogs for various reason, I personally write a blog about my spiritual journey for the sake of journalling, and I also have another blog where I discussed different topics, and the focus is the topic being discuss and progress in my writing skill and discipline, not the blog’s traffic. I don’t care whether somebody like my writing or not, i write what I like, not what other’s like, because like I said, everybody has different blogging purpose.
    P.S. I like it and do care when a blogger talk about themselves, because I like reading about people’s perspective, not just common knowledge

    1. What is the difference between what you are doing and talking to yourself on the street?

      They have yet to lock you up for it.

      If you occupy space on the web, make sure it’s worth reading about. If not, keep a journal, and make sure no one ever reads it.

    2. I appreciate your comment. I often blog to let people know what I have experienced and that it is possible to come out the other side. They are not alone. I seldom follow people who are in it for the numbers. I enjoy reading about others feelings, opinions and experiences. I thought that was what blogging was about.

  3. You have a point there, too many I’s is not good for anything. Then on the other hand you, we, me, they, someone, it, have other goals or audience in mind for their blogging. We, me actually like your blog.

  4. I can see both sides of the argument when it comes to this point of view, however I do write from a personal perspective as well as addressing what I think would be beneficial to the reader, I am inexperienced and I am new to this but I have read enough monetised blogs to realise that the vast majority are written by people highly skilled in blogging with the ability to draw a crowd like a snake oil salesman with his brightly coloured sign, I am not sure we can say nobody cares because without the voyeuristic nature of human beings social media would not and never could exist in the all encompassing form it is today.
    However I do agree with the very good point that too many people use blogging in it’s various forms to portray a lifestyle for no other reason than to insight jealousy in others.

  5. I kinda disagree with the central argument. Just as everybody writes blogs for different reasons, people read blogs for just as many different reasons. If everybody writes the same way, from the same perspective, then there is no variety available to choose from. It would all be the same, and then – what would be the point?
    Many people find parallels that they can relate to and draw from in the personal reflections or journeys of others. Some don’t. If it’s written well, it shouldn’t matter if you say “I” or “we” – there’ll be someone who enjoys reading it.
    One person’s opinion is not the ONLY opinion and insulting someone who doesn’t share your opinion only really highlights how weak the position that you have taken truly is, that it can’t stand on its own merit.
    My 2 cents.

    1. You missed the point. I’m sorry.

      The idea is that you can share your opinion, we don’t give a damn about your cat or dog or some mundane stuff even you shouldn’t think about twice, let alone write about it in a public space.

      That was the point I was trying to make. Ken. Or Gabby. Uhm… yeah…

      Opinion is one thing. Your day to day life is another. Blog about your day to day life, and you’ll be spending your (short) blogging career in blogging hell: you know, four-five likes, no comments, and no getting out of it.


      Because no one cares about your day to day life. You shouldn’t either. You should aspire for more.

      Ken. Or Gabby.

      1. Do both. Writing about others builds up their egos, makes them feel important, but what if they belittle writers after? Media write about movies, concerts, businesses, locations, but being in the background and putting people in front with one’s attention might not be appreciated. Some really do not like attention especially criticism and sue for libel or slander. In Philippines writing about government can mean death if it’s critical.

  6. I allow my writing, which is mostly poetry to speak for me. When I engage with the reader in my content, I use references to “you” nearly every time (yes, Cristian is right on with this).

  7. So, so, SO true! Sometimes its nice to look at blogs that have fun things going on in their life, but most of the time I find them a waste of time and pretty boring. Great to remember for my own blog 😉

  8. I mean… yeah, but if you don’t talk about yourself *a little*, you’re distancing yourself from your reader. *You* are real, so are they, and everyone wants to know they’re talking to an actual person and not a bloody robot. I agree wholeheartedly that blogging about yourself only, blabbering about your day-to-day life, is not very interesting to others. But… keep the human bit visible, ok?

    1. There’s a difference. You can write about yourself, but make sure it relates to others. There are motivational stories, and there is day to day boring life stuff. One inspires, the other puts people to sleep.

      There are exceptions, like the day to day life of people who are super famous, but then some stay at home mom thinks she’s got this super unique life. Most people don’t.

  9. I am very interested in this part of blogging. I have just recently read a book about blogging for beginners and the author stated that you’re first blog should be well basically about your self. I am about to start my first blog so any great ideas you can send my way would be helpful. Thnx

    1. That’s a very nuanced point, Melinda.

      Not the mundane stuff, but something that adds value to someone else’s life.

      It’s not the day to day life that people care about, but rather the behind the scenes or highlights.

      But there’s a very fine line between the kind of life story that inspires and one that puts people to sleep. Also, it requires terrible amounts of skill to pull it off.

      It can be done, but I do recommend that the first blog should be about something the blogger is passionate about. Easy to come up with topics, to add value, to get people interested in.

      1. True. I understand what you’re saying about writing something ‘boring or something that is inspiring’. Niche… now I have a question about that topic. Now when I had mentioned that I had read a book on blogging for beginners, ok he also had stated a niche is a couple of things…’topics’, if you will that in every blog that Id write, I’d have to add something on those topics.

        What do you think about what I just explained? Is it true, is it that important to add that to every blog (even if it’s different), and another thing he said was that the whole time in my blogging career that my niche should never change. Id appreciate you’re thoughts on this if you don’t mind. Thnx again!!

      2. If you start a blog, and you choose a niche. Let’s say gardening. You need to keep writing about gardening on that blog forever and ever. Or start a new blog, with a different topic.

        That’s the idea.

        You can combine topics on a blog as long as the target audience is the same, and the topics are compatible.

        Self-improvement works well with health and fitness, for instance.

        But even if you have just one topic, you have a lot of ideas to write about.

        Just take a look at this blog: the topic is blogging, yet I find something to write about on a daily basis.

        Also, if you’re interested, I do have an e-book as well: https://crsmihai.ecwid.com/SUPER-OFFER-The-Art-of-Blogging-p89719815

      3. Okay, that’s what I thought and thanks for bringing it to my attention that I would be able to change if I we’re to start a new blog, I’ll keep that on mind just in case my blogs don’t get any traffic after a while.

        And I have a nook and love to read, so yes Id be interested in the e-book. 😉

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