[Blogging Mindset] Details

Because I’m not partial to any manufacturer or OS, I do wonder sometimes what is it that makes Apple products so… fascinating.

What makes these products so successful, in the face of so many competitors with remarkable resources and manpower of their own?

Ever wondered about it?

Ever asked yourself why some bloggers get hundreds of comments a week, thousands of likes?

What makes the difference?

Details, my friend. It’s all about the details.

Attention to details is almost magic.

What makes the difference is the fact that when Kevin comments on one of his articles, the successful blogger replies with, “Thank you for your comment, Kevin!

The successful blogger edits blog posts a little bit more than the others, proofreads them a little bit more, and works on formatting a little bit more.

The successful blogger does a little bit more of every single thing you do, and that’s why they’re successful.

A logo. A custom domain. A theme that makes sense.


Things that most don’t even think about.

It’s Apple’s attention to such details that has turned them into such a huge company.

The beauty of their designs, their obsession with a flawless user experience…

Be honest. How often do you think about your readers? About their experience navigating through your blog. Reading your content.

11 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] Details

  1. I always like to use a persons name when commenting, but some bloggers don’t make it easy. There are funny words, weird titles, but nothing that really says ‘ this is who I am’.
    Lovely, informative post, Cristian…

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  2. I totally agree Cristian! I find that the more care I take on a post, on my user experience, on my content’s readability and usefulness to my reader. It’s why we all love getting handwritten thank you’s, things tailored just to our liking. Details matter!

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