The obvious answer is “no.”

You should never quit blogging.

But what about a certain blog? Should you give up? Delete it?


Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself when trying to decide whether you should give up on a blog or not.

  1. What are my goals with this blog? Am I on the path to reaching them?
  2. Am I passionate about the topic of my blog?
  3. How does blogging feel to me? Like a chore? Better? Worse?
  4. How many posts do I publish on a monthly basis?
  5. Do I have time to properly manage this blog?
  6. Are people interested in reading my blog?
  7. Have I invested enough time and energy? Should I do more?
  8. Is this niche becoming more popular or the opposite?
  9. Is the blog earning any money?
  10. Are readers engaging with my content?
  11. If readers are commenting – what are their opinions?
  12. What are other bloggers writing about my blog?
  13. Do I have anything original and useful to say about my topic of choice? Do I add to the conversation?
  14. What else could I do with the time that I spend on this blog?
  15. What would the impact be of me giving up on this blog?