Should You Quit Blogging?2 min read

The obvious answer is “no.”

You should never quit blogging.

But what about a certain blog? Should you give up? Delete it?


Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself when trying to decide whether you should give up on a blog or not.

  1. What are my goals with this blog? Am I on the path to reaching them?
  2. Am I passionate about the topic of my blog?
  3. How does blogging feel to me? Like a chore? Better? Worse?
  4. How many posts do I publish on a monthly basis?
  5. Do I have time to properly manage this blog?
  6. Are people interested in reading my blog?
  7. Have I invested enough time and energy? Should I do more?
  8. Is this niche becoming more popular or the opposite?
  9. Is the blog earning any money?
  10. Are readers engaging with my content?
  11. If readers are commenting – what are their opinions?
  12. What are other bloggers writing about my blog?
  13. Do I have anything original and useful to say about my topic of choice? Do I add to the conversation?
  14. What else could I do with the time that I spend on this blog?
  15. What would the impact be of me giving up on this blog?

Some of you, if you are honest about your blog, should arrive at the conclusion that is not worth it to invest time and energy.
But there’s a crucial word I’d like you to think about:
I spent 8 years writing before anyone ever:
  • read and enjoyed my stuff
  • was willing to pay actual money for it

Keep this in mind whenever you feel like giving up, on your blog or on anything else you want to do.

Yes, maybe your blog does suck.

But this can be temporary, if you so choose.

After all, a man’s success is determined by their focus and commitment.

How badly do you want it?

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

27 thoughts on “Should You Quit Blogging?2 min read

  1. Great piece sir! Would love if you spoke about the best time to post one’s content.

  2. Well I am pretty new to this blogging stuff. But for me, I didn’t start it to earn money or anything like that. It was due to a burning inside of me to write, I’ve enjoyed writing my entire life. Maybe it will turn into something someday? Who knows. What I do know is that writing is very healing and cathartic and maybe I can help some other people by sharing my story of the struggles I had with mental illness. So I am probably not going to quit blogging – I don’t think I can lol.

    I really enjoy your articles, and I’m glad you never gave up on writing.

  3. Actually, the obvious answer is “yes, you should quit blogging.”

    As you have pointed out on occasion, there are millions of people out there competing for attention for their blogs. (Well,I don’t compete but I would if I wasn’t so lazy.) Imagine if they all quit, except you and me?

    You would have more readers. And I would have more free time because yours would be the only blog I subscribed to.

    Of course the drawback would be that if no-one else was blogging, then you wouldn’t need this one. Given that you like helping people as much as you like the money, maybe my idea isn’t that good after all.

  4. Well Cristian,

    I certainly have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy your blogs. Helping others mean helping oneself and we both have that in common.

    Keep inspire us to look within for a better reality around us. A lot of us have so much hurt and pain to overcome when we look within. When you’ve been abused…traumatized…silenced, blogging is one of the Best ways to heal from it.

    Even better, is knowing that you’re healing the world with one soul at a time.

    Practice makes perfect so if you truly have something to say, work on your blog-don’t give up!

    1. Thank you.

      I’ve learned so much about blogging in the year that I have had this one that I’m now changing my main blog.

      Having to write content that adds value to other people has also meant having to research a lot of stuff that I did not even bother to read about until now.

      Funny. The teacher is learning alongside the students.

  5. We exist in a world where people sprint towards instant gratification. When that doesn’t happen many will quit and move on to try something else. The skill of perseverance and “not quitting” seems to be foreign to many. Not all, but many.

    If we just keep working hard, learning the craft and along with that practicing the craft, then success and rewards will come. I often think that people quit just shy of “the breakthrough” which is so sad and disappointing on many levels.

    1. Indeed.

      How was that speech by Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday?

      “Life is a game of inches.” No situation is never hopeless. We’re closer to success than we think when we give up. An inch here, an inch there.

      If most bloggers would cut one hour of social media browsing, or Netflix, or watching TV, and invest that hour to blog, to learn something related to blogging, or to network with other bloggers, they’d be successful.

      It’s all just a game of inches. And the inches we need are everywhere around us.

      1. Great quote. And so true about the whole social media and TV thing. It can be such a huge time waster, mindlessly scrolliing through garbage. Even if you didn’t use that time to invest in your blog, investing it in something worthwhile, like those around you would pay huge benefits.

      2. I think folks just want to preserve mental energy for whatever reason. Maybe because they are tired and scared and would like to be told what to do, and that’s what they’re being told to do… can’t cause much trouble if you sit on your couch and watch tv for six hours every day…

      3. Good point. Mot much of a threat, if all you do is watch TV all day. Sort of like “sheep being herded.” I do think people are tired though. As much emotionally and mentally, as they may be physically.

  6. Lovely article. Your journey is quite inspiring and motivates novices like us to keep trying . Salute to your patience and perseverance Christan . You deserve every bit of your celebrity status

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