Patrons of The Art of Blogging

First of all, I’d like to thank Susan, Deborah, and Cecily for becoming our latest patrons.

I feel that The Art of Blogging is growing to become not only a community, but also the kind of online resource bloggers can turn to in their hour of need.

This makes me work twice as hard to deliver better content to you. The kind of stuff that genuinely helps you reach more readers, write better and faster and without having to bash your head against a wall that often.

However, a couple of things have happened that force me to ask for your help:

  1. As you probably know, being a full-time blogger means that there is no fixed income. Sometimes sales are not great, and they do fluctuate wildly. Sometimes you can afford to give folks a lot of content for free, and host huge sales, while other times you’re behind on your rent and your bills. It’s life.
  2. The time I spent working on this blog also meant neglecting some other, more lucrative projects, so to speak, which have reduced my income even more.

So, I am hoping that you will consider clicking this link here to become a patron of this blog. It costs you $4 a month, you can quit anytime you want, and will allow me to dedicate my time to creating the best content possible for this blog, while also being a bit more anxiety free since this means a fixed income on the 1st of every month.

I am not asking for payment for reading this blog. It will always be free, and I will always do my best to offer you the best content possible for free.

Of course, as these things go, you are under no obligation to become a patron — you can continue reading, and there will be no hard feelings either way.

However, if you feel that this content is worth $4 a month, and you are able to do so, and you also want to have access to more content that is available on our Patreon page, please click on this link here.

In case you’re not particularly convinced, here’s what you’ll get by becoming a patron:

  • access to 14 exclusive blog posts, all of which are super helpful and have cool titles such as:

Check Yourself for These 7 Symptoms of the Blogger’s Curse;

How to Win Friends and Influence People (As a Blogger)

Commenting on Other Blogs: What Works, What Doesn’t

  • access to six blogging tutorials:

TUTORIAL: How Do Blog Posts Go Viral?

TUTORIAL: The Art of Crafting a Brilliant Headline

TUTORIAL: How To Write a Fantastic Blog Post per Week

  • access to three e-books:

Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Inspiration

The Ultimate Blogging Checklist

The Art of Blogging The E-Book (this is part of a special offer, and it will expire by the end of the week)

Also, here are seven reasons why you should become a patron of this blog:

  1. If you like the content and find it valuable, you can give back a little for the time and energy I’ve invested.
  2. You can help this weird Romanian kid keep his dream
  3. You are helping me pay my bills, and also keeping me off the streets, which are not safe because we still have a lot of stray dogs here.
  4. I will thank you (in an e-mail), and when I think back gratefully about being able to have electricity and a stable Internet connection.
  5. I will be able to focus more on the content of this blog, and give you the best stuff possible. I think the quality is pretty good now, but I think it can be improved upon.
  6. I am thinking of creating some additional resources for this blog (case studies, infographics) that I will be able to accomplish if I have more time and access to the software I need (which costs $$$).
  7. You will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something good today. And on the 1st of June, and on the 1st of July, and…

If you would like to receive these 7 benefits, just click on this become a patron thingy below:

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