How to Choose Your Blog’s Name

Earlier today I was having a Skype chat with one of my clients, John Grimley, and he asked me what is better when it comes to naming your blog: using your own name or deciding on a different name.

It kind of gave me pause, and I mumbled something, and then one of us changed the topic, and that was that.

But I kept thinking about it, and here’s my answer.

The way I see it, there are three different ways in which you can name your blog:

  1. Relevant keywords – The Art of Blogging – What is your blog about? What are your topics? How can you communicate to your readers what your blog is all about as fast as possible? Do you have a doubt what the Art of Blogging is all about? Or even John’s very own Content and Social?
  2. A brand – irevuo – Some might say this is a bit too ambitious, but if you can come up with an interesting name, why not? Something short and catchy, that’s sure to attract readers.
  3. Your own name – – Okay, this explanatory. You are the brand. You are the blog.

It goes without saying that you should always, always purchase a custom domain. This is the one expense you must make, no matter what. It’s more professional, it’s not that expensive, and if you’re somewhat serious about blogging, the $20 or so per year is well worth spending.

Now, how do you choose?

Tricky question.

I think that you should take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Take your time: it’s going to be quite difficult to change your blog’s name, to purchase a different domain, and change all the social media accounts
  • Write down relevant keywords: what’s your blog about? What are your main topics? What makes it stand out? Can you combine those to come up with a catchy name (like Engadget?)
  • Brainstorm. Ask people. Use a thesaurus, an online translator, a friend who lives far away. It took us an awful lot of time to come up with irevuo, which comes from the word “revuo”, which means “journal” in Esperanto.
  • Go for a name that’s as short as possible: go for a name that is short, catchy, and easy to remember.
  • Check domain name availability beforehand: what good is a brilliant name if the .com, .net, .blog domains are all taken.

Believe it or not, your blog’s name matters. A lot.

Do you have a catchy name for your blog? Do share it in the comments section below.


24 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Blog’s Name

  1. Mândră la oglindă…mă reprezintă în totalitate și e cred că exprimă exact un blog majoritar de beauty…e el un pic mai lung dar sigur nu e e ceva ce poate fi uitat:) ce zici de numele blogului meu:P?

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  2. This gave me reason to ponder. My blog, JanBeek, is a derivitive of my Jan Beekman, of course, but the sub-title tells what the blog is about, “Loving One Another.” Sharng inspirational ideas about how to be more loving, how to express it, spread it, encourage it. Does the sub-title coulnt? I have an available blog domain, but if I use it with my sub-title as the title, will I lose my JanBeek blog readers? I don’t think I have the time (or want to take the time) to maintain two blogs. What do you think, Cristian?

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    1. The sub-title should give people a clearer picture of what your blog is about. And, yes, you should use that domain if you have one. And, no, you will not lose your blog readers, if you add that domain to your blog.

      A custom domain is not only more professional, but easier to remember and write down if needs be. Some folks might not be that Internet savvy to remember that your blog is hosted on

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      1. Thank you for your response. If I understand yo correctly, the custom domain is linked to the so the same followers will get notices when I post on it. But, is it an additional blog site? Would I then have two places on which to post? Or wold it replace the JanBeek?

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      2. It just changes the address, so to speak. Like changing the address to a house. It’s the same building, it’s just a different street name, number, etc. But the house (blog) stays the same. All it changes is how people find you.

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      1. I give it the theme in my tagline (“Writing tips and Writerly musings”), but by not having it in the name, I have a lot more flexibility for that hopeful day when I’m PUBLISHED and writing about THAT sort of thing.

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  3. Thank you for the invitation. Is it catchy? I’m not sure. I used to write on political subjects and had a descriptive name for my particular leaning. Gradually, I came to the recognition that (in the USA) we have a representative government and my dismay with it was merely symptomatic of our having collectively begun to loose our spiritual underpinnings as a nation. I abandoned the political writings (after years of persevering) and began to try to draw attention to the need to repair (or establish) the spiritual foundations at

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  4. I named my blog Osman Talks because I imagined myself being on a talk show and given the opportunity to talk about what life is like for me. Is it catchy? I don’t know. But it definitely attests to what the blog is about… me rambling 🙂

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  5. The name for my blog relates to the two American states where I have lived the most: Montana and Ohio. I used nicknames from each state for the blog’s name of Big Sky Buckeye. I wanted a unique and interesting name.

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  6. I like wordplay and making puns. Since a quip is a witty remark. I thought that e-Quips (for electronic quips) like email or e-book would make a fun umbrella for an offbeat sense of humor. The tag line, Views and News to Inform or Amuse further alerts potential readers that they find off-beat posts on a variety of topics.

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  7. I set my site up as a mock travel guide to the world in my books using the format of tourist information sites in the UK so it’s Visit Talithia, although as I haven’t (yet) taken the step of registering a domain and slipped up on claiming the right name it’s presently so if anyone looks closely it’s really Visit Alithia. But hey, I can sort out details like that once I sell the film rights 😉

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  8. This is the exact same question I’ve been asking my self in the last eight months. I am still looking for “it”. At the moment, I am just happy to have fun and connect through writing and blogging. 🙂

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