How Often Should You Post?

For those of you who don’t have the time to read through this blog post: blogging is a conversation. You blog as often as it takes for it to still be a conversation.

Okay, now let me explain.

It’s all (kinda) about social proof

Let’s say you publish a blog post. Now, people are going to read it. Anyone who visits your homepage, the first thing they’ll see is this post. That makes it more likely for them to comment: folks usually like to comment on the most recent post.

Now, the rule I go by is that I do not post content until the conversation starts to happen; my latest post is receiving comments, and this makes it more likely for other folks to express their opinions, even if it’s no longer the most recent post.

And, yes, this means that if you’re just starting out, it’s almost impossible to blog daily. Maybe you’ll barely get a comment or two in the time it takes for you to publish another post.

What to do instead of daily blogging

My advice is to spend enough time on promoting a post until you get the conversation going.

Let’s say you publish a blog post today. You do not rush to write another post, but instead take to social media to let folks know you posted something new. Advertise, connect with fellow bloggers, read and comment on their blog posts…

Do all this until you receive a few comments. It might take a day, it might take 2-3 days.

When your blog is young ( you do not have a lot of readers):

  • You do not post too often
  • You spend more time promoting

And, yes, this means that popular blogs can get away with daily blogging, or even more than that…

If you do not post every single day…

It doesn’t mean that you do not write every day. I encourage that, actually. I am a big fan of having 10-20 blog posts ready, because you never know when you might need them.

You also need to focus on all the other aspects of blogging, and you need time to do that, especially when just starting out.

The idea is to schedule your posts in such a way that all of them get to spend enough time at the top of your homepage, so they receive at least a handful of comments.


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