Great Blogging is a Conversation

Have you ever been on a date with someone who can’t stop talking about themselves?

You know the type. They go on and on about their plans for renovating the guest bedroom, battles with back spasms last weekend, or their latest accomplishments.

The topics are seemingly endless.

Along the way, you might pick up an interesting fact or two, but when you finally extract yourself from them, you feel annoyed (“That’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back”) and maybe even angry (“The jerk never asked me about my family”).

And, yes, there is a blogging equivalent of that guy. That is, they breathlessly expound about themselves without actually addressing what’s in it for the reader.

So, how do you avoid being that guy?

It’s all about adopting the right mindset. When you’re working on new articles, take a step back and assume the role of a skeptical reader. Ask yourself: Why should such a person care about my words? How will my words make their life better or easier? What are the damn benefits?

This might seem like obvious advice. Not doing this is probably the number one reason your posts are not being commented on.

Keep on thing in mind: your readers don’t always care about what matters to you. They care about the things that matter to you and relate to them.

Communicating what matters to your readers will make your blogging much more effective — and ensure you never become that guy.

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11 thoughts on “Great Blogging is a Conversation

      1. I know. Before I started blogging I thought that the difference between a diary and a blog would be clear by now. I was wrong. What worries me the most is how some bloggers share some things that are very private and personal. A personal touch is a must on a blog but some are very vulnerable by what they share.

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      2. I do my best to tell people they shouldn’t do that. I am criticized sometimes. Sometimes people justified what they do by saying that the only “topic” they are experts in is themselves, and so they write about their day to day life.

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