[Blogging Mindset] Every. Single. Day

It’s human nature to look for an easy way out. A shortcut.

We waste an awful lot of time dreaming of the “big break” that will forever change our lives.

Yeah, keep dreaming about becoming an overnight success someday…

Or simply do the work. Show up. Every single day.

Because in your quest to becoming an overnight success, every single day matters.

What you do today matters. What you do when no one reads your stuff matters.

You must be willing to work and work and work. Before any money comes your way. Before anyone even knows you exist.

There are certain illusions about the very nature of work — that we must do what we have to do for a short while, and then it’s over.

We also tend to believe that luck matters more than it actually does. That triumph and disaster are not dictated by our own actions, but the actions of others.

I am here to tell you that doing the work, every single day, whether you feel like it or not, whether you’d much rather do something else or not, that’s 90% of success.

Becoming good at something, earning a living from it, being admired by others for it, all of this depends on the habits you form.

What you do every single day. Not once in a while.

Remind yourself this next time you feel like complaining that no one reads your blog. Remind yourself that you did not do the work. You did not put in the hours. You keep writing a post once every couple of months and apologizing for not posting.

Punch the damn keys.

Every. Single. Day.

Connect with fellow bloggers.

Every. Single. Day.

Read, experiment, brainstorm.

Every. Single. Day.

Try out different mediums, formats, series, platforms, you name it. Try everything. At least once or twice.

But never, ever forget that what you do every single day tends to become what so many are fond of calling “destiny.”


30 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] Every. Single. Day

  1. You are right. What we do every day matters. If we do not try when people are watching, what makes people think we will try when they are watching. Also, the work we put into becoming a success is necessary after, too. The moment we slow down, stop evolving, and become stale is the moment we will lose momentum. We will crash.

    I hope people take your post as the insight we all need to never stop putting in effort.

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  2. Good advice. Only a few months in to mine, and posting daily is what I aim to do ,and do. I love the attitude you express that creative “success” is not ,and never can be, an instant thing; the joy is definitely in the discipline and work involved .Keep it up mate.

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  3. It is so easy to get lazy and put off writing… I am trying to push myself to at least write something every day, even when I don’t feel like it and it’s crap. After all, you can’t edit nothing.

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