Yeah, that’s how I usually work. Anywhere but home, that is. Oh, and with the help of all sorts of caffeinated beverages.

But this is not what this post is all about.


So… a few updates…

First of all, The Art of Blogging is finally live.

Those of you who’ve pre-ordered it should have received an e-mail with the e-book, and some nice bonus content. Check your inbox for any e-mails from contact@cristianmihai.net. And your spam.

Also, if you pre-ordered but did not receive the e-book, e-mail me with your order number, and I’ll sent it to you ASAP.

For those of you who did not pre-order, what can I say?


And you can. And you should.

I’m extremely proud of this e-book, and I am certain you’ll learn a lot of stuff that you can immediately apply to your blogging.

You can read a short sample from the e-book here.

Also, today is not the day for the usual copywriting advertising type of thing.

This e-book costs $20. It contains information that you can use to your advantage.

I’m proud of it. It’s my baby.

If you want to purchase, you can do so on my e-store here.

The other update is about our Patreon page.

Jordan’s Ultimate Blogging Checklist can be found there. It’s a great resource, especially for those of you who are just now starting out.

Also, there’s a new tutorial.

Oh, and tomorrow? A new one will go live, and an e-book. Cool stuff.

And most probably, there will be another tutorial to be posted during the weekend, and maybe even a blog post that the Patr(e)ons can read before everyone else.

Cool stuff, exciting times, valid reasons to be so happy that I forgot the basics of writing sentences that make sense.

If you’re interested in the content we create, if you want to support us, do visit our Patreon Page by clicking this link here.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support,


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