Who’s Your Competition?

There’s this exercise I keep recommending in my posts about networking, gaining an audience, and becoming better as a blogger.

And it’s quite simple:

1. Find the most popular ten blogs in your niche.
2. Read their ten most popular blog posts, the ten posts with the most comments, and the ten most recent posts from each of these blogs.
3. Now, it’s time to figure out what is it that made them popular in the first place:

  • When did they start blogging?
  • How do they blog about their niche?
  • How often do they post?
  • How long are the blog posts?
  • What style do they write in?
  • What about the visual layout?
  • What kind of relationships do they have with other bloggers? Do they interview other bloggers? Do they allow guest posts?
  • How do they interact with their readers? Do they reply to comments?
  • What about mistakes? What do they do wrong about content creation, promoting their blog, or interacting with readers?

Why do you need to ask these questions?

Doing this type of analysis is not so you can copy other blogs in your niche (even though you’ll most certainly want to emulate certain aspects), but rather to figure out a different angle.

What is it that they’re NOT writing about? What is working for them, what isn’t working?

Also, now that you know who the top players in your niche are, and you kind of know them, you can connect with them, maybe even guest blog for them.

And, yes, you can comment on their blog posts, and some of their readers (who are also your potential readers) will visit your blog.

Considering that this analysis “costs” you nothing but time, I highly recommend it.

Beginner or not, this exercise is well worth the time and energy.

Do you know who the top bloggers in your niche are?

Do you plan on trying this analysis?


38 thoughts on “Who’s Your Competition?

  1. Thanks for the tips! Although this does sound good it seems difficult in practice. I’ve found some good blogs in my niche but have no idea when these ppl started or if they are doing good because of content vs having 10million followers. Lol. Good thoughts tho!

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  2. Good advice – I’m going to do this exercise myself. I’m not really sure who are the most popular blogs in my niche are. Everyone should be doing this even if just to learn something about someone else.

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  3. I don’t consider them competition. More like colleagues. Who else can possibly know the hard work that goes into one of my posts? Who is there supporting me on the comments, giving me that prized human interaction I need to feed my spirit. Who else hosts linky parties where I can get new readers. The blogosphere is a community of folks that help each other. I’m proud to be tolerated as a member.


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  4. Good morning, yes as well what works for others, may not work for you🎈, but is good analyses your blog and the ones who developing faster

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  5. I appreciate your helpful posts. Gaining an audience is something I am working on. A few of my regular commenters have advised me to get out there more as they say I’ve got great content.
    Your blog is certainly helping with ideas.
    Thank you very much.

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  6. Will definitely try this. I’ve already started reading and commenting on other blogger’s posts simply because I wanted to. I didn’t even consider that doing so could make me more visible to potential followers.

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    1. That’s one of the benefits of knowing who your “competition” is. You can work on finding a different angle on a popular topic. Or come up with a different angle altogether.

      After all, you can only produce work similar to what you’ve been feeding your brain.

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