The Art of Blogging E-book: Issues, Lessons, and a Lucky Winner

Hi guys,

Cristian here.

Apparently there have been some issues with the Art of Blogging e-book, mainly because the folks who pre-ordered the book should have received download links via e-mail on the 15th, but many of them have commented or e-mailed me that they haven’t.

I am now trying to clarify this situation and figure out if:

  1. Only some folks didn’t receive their download links
  2. If no one received the download links
  3. If the e-mails were sent by the system, but they ended up in people’s spambox or whatnot.

No worries, though. If needs be, I will be e-mailing each and every single one of you myself and attach the e-book.

Also, I am terribly sorry for this. I have been so busy replying to e-mails that just today I managed to e-mail the winner of the Become a Blogstar program, who wished to remain anonymous.


This is a discount code for 20% off any purchase. As an apology for this misunderstanding. It is available store-wide. Any purchase at all, including reblogs and sponsored posts to be used on my main blog.

My last request, to those of you who have pre-ordered: do check your e-mail inbox, spambox, or any other kind of box-box that might have an e-mail in it, and if there’s no e-mail from my e-store, then you can contact me at, and we will fix things.

P.S. Yes, the discount code can be used with the 0 to 5K Program as well, in order to enroll for an even lower price.

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