How to Be a Blogger Everyone Listens To

Although I’m a big fan of original content, I also recognize that joining the conversation that other bloggers have started is one of the most important aspects of blogging.

But that requires one skill: the ability to add to the conversation.

While you may not be a rhetorical master, there’s an easy way for anyone to become a persuasive conversational blogger. The key is to offer more than just your opinion, since everyone seems to have one of those. You’ll get better results if you give people something they can relate to at a personal level.


Tell a story.

Think about it. When having a conversation, you find something to say in response fairly quickly based on the personal memories that the speaker stirred. Without those memories, you’d have nothing to say. Those memories are tied to experiences, and experiences are stories.

The reason why a story works better than simply stating your opinion is because a story evokes vivid mental imagery in your reader’s minds, based on their own memories of experiences. You’ve now created a relational bond with your readers that makes it more likely that they will see (and agree with) your point of view. Don’t tell them that you’re right; let them tell themselves that you’re right, based on their own similar experiences.

Give it a shot. Next time you see something that inspires you to blog, take a moment and identify the one or more experiences that prompted that reaction. It can be a personal incident, a professional anecdote, or a success story about one of your clients or customers.

Stories are the key to selling people on your ideas and authority in an engaging fashion.


20 thoughts on “How to Be a Blogger Everyone Listens To

  1. Thanks Cristian! I love reading stories that I can relate to, and they often trigger memories or stir emotions. When people read my scribbles and add a comment, it is gratifying that others have gotten something from them.

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  2. Of course, to some extent it depends on your purpose in blogging. My own blog is a series of humorous articles, poems and interviews by my alter ego, Aunt Grizelda so its aim is entertainment – although I hope I’m providing opportunities for people to engage.

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  3. I often forget to include a story in with my posts. My journey, and why I want to help others, is emotional, so it makes sense to engage my readers with a story to be relatable.

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