[Blogging Mindset] Dream Big

Visions have their own gravity pull.

What you think, you become. It’s not magic. It’s just psychology. It’s using the reticular activating system. If you want it so much that you think about it all day long, then you just might get it.

Yes, dreams are powerful. We are visual creatures. In a way, everything else is abstract. Vague. Uninspiring.

If you can see it in your mind, you exert effort to hold it in your hand.

You need a vision. You need to dream big. To fall short of achieving greatness.

If failure is the default, then isn’t it better to fail at greatness? To fall short of a crazy big dream?


17 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] Dream Big

  1. So this is definitely similar to the law of attraction theory? Have you ever attained your dream by imagining it, just curious? It’s a very interesting study in psychology of having the mindset of a visionary.

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  2. I believe to dream, dream excited, therefore, dream big, If you are going to create, create large, if you are going to work then work harder, if you are going to buy something buy the best and if you are going to tell a story, make it a great one. Why be least best when you can be the best.

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  3. Believe in dreams, they do come true has been my Mantra but at times even after a long wait of say 10 – 12 years and even after trying every bit I could to achieve it, when I haven’t still suceeded, losing hope is unavoidable. But I dont forget to rise again and continue dreaming harder for my vision.. Its better die trying than giving up.

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