Why Should We Read Your Blog?3 min read

There are 32,537,634 blogs indexed on WordPress.com. Wait a sec. Make that 32,538,122.

And there are a lot more self-hosted blogs, or on different platforms.

About a million blog posts get published every 24 hours. Every topic, every theme, and every subject has been exhaustively covered by hundreds of blogs.

So why should anyone read yours?

Getting noticed seems impossible. But there are blogs that rise up out of that vast sea of sameness. Blogs started by people just like you. You don’t necessarily need great writing talent, although it’s worth developing the talent you have. You don’t need to be able to break the latest tech news or celebrity gossip. And you don’t need to already be famous.

You do need to find something interesting that only you can say, then say it clearly and repeatedly. Here are some ideas for lifting your content out of the limitless ocean of blog mediocrity.

Don’t write in a tired space

Think twice before you start a blog whose sole focus is on affiliate marketing, your adoration of Apple products, or, yes, blogging itself.

It’s not that there’s too much competition. Competition is a great thing. The problem is how rarely anyone approaches these subjects with a truly fresh eye.

It’s not impossible to create exciting new sites on these topics, but you need to have a genuinely new angle or voice. Otherwise, ask yourself if anyone really needs another blog on blogging.

Don’t write in a space no one cares about

If you’re launching a blog (or trying to refine your topic to get more readers), start with some basic keyword research. Look for a subject that gets a healthy amount of traffic every day for combined relevant keyword phrases.

One way to find a great niche is to carve out a small corner of a popular topic. It will be hard to get attention for “weight loss,” but you could create a great following for yourself with “gourmet low-carb.”

Share a unique voice

The more vulnerable you’re willing to get, the harder you are to imitate. And the more likely you are to find the true fans that lead to blogging success.

. . . or be genuinely useful

Even though the world is virtually drowning in information, that information is getting harder and harder to actually use.

Who’s trustworthy? What are the first steps? Which resources actually work? When’s the best time to start? What’s overrated, hard to use, or annoying?

Look around for a set of useful questions you can reliably answer. Keep an eye on forums, blog comments, Twitter, and your own email inbox for problems that seem to come up again and again. Keep looking for ways to help.

It’s absolutely fine if you compile rather than create. It’s not your job to invent something out of nothing. It’s your job to take the nearly infinite sea of information and distill it to something useful.

. . . or have real authority

If you actually make 7 figures on the Web, you are allowed to start a “making money online” blog.

If not, well, don’t.

. . . or focus on your community

It doesn’t matter how many blogs there are on your subject, or how big some of them are. As long as you focus obsessively on offering great solutions that benefit your readers, you’re going to do well.

There will always be bloggers who are smarter, more perceptive, better connected, or more entertaining than you are. But if you can communicate what you have to offer in an exceptional way, you’ll find a warm, responsive audience and all the amazing gifts that can bring.

Let us know in the comments: why should we read your blog?

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

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  1. My blog is a (mostly) funny take on my hilarious awkward dating adventures. From guys who ask me for a ride, terrible first kisses, and unintended third wheels. Some parts of my dating stories are so relatable and other times people keep reading because some of the things I’ve experienced seem so ridiculous that it’s entertaining. My take on my bad dates is fun and entertaining!

  2. Absolutely true. This is for sure a marathon and not a sprint. Consistency and quality are keys also.
    I have another blog (not this one) where I am subscribed to you of course; you definitely deliver quality. I am working towards that.
    But most important things towards the road of a successful blog: NEVER GIVE UP!

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