Why Do You Blog?1 min read

Quite a simple question.


What’s the goal? The purpose? What’s your motivation?

What keeps you going?


  1. Whether a blog, heartfelt email/text or handwritten letter, writing has always been a form of therapy. It helps focus my thoughts and detangle the mind.

  2. It’s a way to process the life change I’m going through as well to determine if starting my own business might be viable.

  3. For me it has always been an outlet to create and even look back on the art of writing. Books are a once a year occurrence and take so much work, whereas blogging is instant and gets more attention right away, that’s the hope anyway. I’ve always blogged to grow my presence and audience as well as giving something back (by way of reviewing)

  4. I blog to motivate and inspire people! As well as myself. Blogging/writing is also a healing tool for me. A way to express myself, my thoughts. I hope I’m inspiring and helping people in the process

  5. I recently started a blog and to be honest it has somehow been a way for me to escape a bit and learn more about different things as well as try to inform people, I struggle with the content but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it as time goes on 😁

  6. Why: because i want to share my thoughts…what keeps me going: well its a drive i have…i think its the writting, i have things in my mind i cant let go of until i write it down. Plus, i love the feedback. I want to know if i am on the right track or how i can improve.

  7. Well I started blogging to share with and to encourage people, and to be a witness of God’s love to others, but I find that it is also helping me in a way that I did not expect.

  8. I blog for two reasons: 1.) I blog to hold myself accountable in my life. 2.) I blog for the opportunity to be able to inspire or change someone’s life.

  9. I blog to express myself and connect with my readers. The purpose is to spread a positive message and add value to the lives of those who read my blog 🙂
    The power of words is what keeps me going!

  10. To share, inform, create… I blog to paint a picture of what is in my mind. Great question, I love reading the replies

  11. I’ve learned that when I’m writing it’s better to have no expectations that other people will want to hear want your trying to say. It’s a hobby for me and I don’t expect anything more than that. I sometimes write while thinking about the song Art is Dead by Bo Burnham. Writing is art -an idea that you share and you shouldn’t expect anyone to love it.
    I write to improve myself and my goals on my blog are 100% for self improvement. If people like it, then great! But if people don’t then so be it.

  12. I want people to read my blog and find information that will help improve their lives. I’m literally trying to save the world, one reader at a time.

  13. Pass on information from a different perspective

  14. Ditto lifewithlane

  15. Because writing is cathartic!

  16. I blog to talk about what’s most dear to me, Jesus. I also drop life tips and some personal stories from time to time. As for what keeps me going, it’s purpose.

  17. My husband tells me I’m a pessimist, yet I find myself inspired to shape my life and create habits that ultimately lead me to feel stronger and happier. I think that gives me a unique perspective so I blog in the hope that others who feel low and lost might find something inspiring in my writing. Also, it makes the bad stuff easier to cope with – because I know it’ll make a good post!

  18. I blog because I have a message to share. I seem to have a knack for finding ways for us to work together to make the world a better place. I’m convinced that we can make a difference.

  19. Well, I like to blog because I want to express my feelings. Being alone at home,no one to talk to, no one you can share what you really feels. In blog, you can express everything and what I like the most? If theres somebody or someone to comment it. I am happy about that. But unfortunately, I’m a beginner and I’m still confuse and concerned about my language,thats why, I have no followers yet😊

  20. It’s a way to share things that I want to read and that I feel is missing. I share things that I love that are authentic opinions and I’ve always wanted to have some way to communicate with people and be creative. I would love to learn more about photo taking as well as customising my site so that it’s more professional and high quality.

  21. I love to write and so I blog. I want to share my poetry.

  22. The fame, fortune, and blog groupies. The real reason that I blog has two parts . First, I blog because I am in love with writing. Journaling is something that I have used since childhood for so many reasons. Journaling was a coping mechanism, an outlet for my emotions, and a way to blow off steam. Second, blogging allows me to be vulnerable. I send my writing into the world, whether it be a poem, story, or just random thoughts, and I have no control over who is reading it and the feedback received. There is so much value in allowing yourself to be vulnerable from time to time.

  23. I like to make people laugh. That’s it… I enjoy the sound… I like having that ability…

  24. Reblogged this on Cha Niki D Artchemist and commented:
    To answer this question, I opened my Morning Pages. All the answers were already written there. What is Morning Pages?

    I start to write Morning Pages on 17th July 2018. In order to retrieve my lost creativity, I need to find it.

    Put simply, the morning pages are the few pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness (personal diary) It meant to be the act of moving the hand across the page and writing down whatever comes to mind. All that angry, whiny, petty stuff that I write down in the morning stands between me and my creativity.

    Its the primary tool of creative recovery. It gets me to the other side, the negative side of me. My blog, suppose to be my ideal, positive thoughts. But Morning Pages are my fear, my weakness, my darkness.

    Later, I will reveal more about this.

  25. As an introvert, I’ve always have had trouble sharing my views in front of a live audience. And, from my early years, I’ve had an interest in writing. Maintaining a blog gives me a platform to share what is in my mind. And, it’s my passion which keeps me going. I had been blogging on Blogger for 3 years, and never had any user interaction, and ultimately imported to WordPress. But, regardless of not a single like or comment in over 2 years, I kept on writing and positing because I enjoyed it.

  26. To share thoughts of Jesus and it can be wonderful free therapy:)

  27. Sometimes it’s just me and my words or my thoughts and WordPress. Or to share a message. I share my poetry mostly here and I write blogs for work elsewhere. Writing is like meditation for me. I go to another place ❣️

  28. I blog to motivate, educate and inspire and I love writing and sharing information with all.

  29. My purpose of writing is to promote the awareness of knowing the Why, to do new things and to think different. Because old ways dont open new doors. <3 <3 <3

  30. To process the pain of prison time.. and spread positive attitudes about being a human being.

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