Should You Blog Everyday?

Let’s be honest.

Rules are not that important.

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of rules, not because I am some sort of rebel, but because you can always break them. If you look closely, you’ll find examples of folks who ignored some rules and still became successful.

As if rules were meant to be broken.

Take these blogging rules into account:

  • Blog posts should never be over 350 words
  • If you want to post articles, you should move to another format
  • You must post every day

Hey, as a guy who blogs on blogging, I’ve certainly got no problem with blogging advice, but I’d certainly like it to contain the following: it depends.

It depends on your audience, your goals, your resources, and what works… right?

When it comes to blogging advice, I try to stick to fundamentals of solid writing. Ultimately, blogging is just a platform.You’re either writing something compelling that resonates with readers, or you’re not.

Should you blog every single day?

Probably not.

But it depends.

It depends on your time, energy, on your topics, your blog’s format…

It’s also about your level of commitment, what you want out of it, if you want to earn a living from blogging…

But what do you think?

Should one blog everyday? Why?


66 thoughts on “Should You Blog Everyday?

  1. You resumed it well with these words…it depends..:) depend of time you have, which will vary from day to day, the will to do it, sometimes I should put something on but I will prefer paint, work on some 3D project or simply read, but most often watch tv or play wtih my F1 game or flying in my video game..I don’t have a car or a plane, not many do…but crashing in a video game doesn’t hurt physically or in cash…:D

    But sometimes I do feel a bit guilty if I am not doing it…but I am working on that, do it when you feel it…of course I am not expecting revenus either from art or blogging, my freelance work in technical drawing provide for this, so I guess it does bring a bit of freeway.

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      1. No, I actually enjoy the challenge. Second attempt after I lost all Internet connection while travelling last July. So foolishly going through it all again, at least I’ve got further this time x

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      1. If only I could be so consistent with other elements in my life! Lol x
        Many thanks for your very lovely words, very encouraging, hope you get on well too xx

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      2. Tatterhood gave herself a challenge to ensure she blogs 365 days. That drives consistency. If you want to work on being consistent, I’d say set some goals that your able to work towards to help you achieve consistency. I hope I answered your question.

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  2. This is very insightful.

    Q: Should one blog every day?

    A: I guess it all depends on the goal of the blogger and the reason he started his blog. Many people who blog as a hobby don’t care too much about blog promotion, so they tend to blog every day. Other bloggers, however, prefer to blog for some days, then promote for the rest of the days that week. It’s best to do what works for you, though.
    Personally, I can’t produce quality content if I decide to blog every day. Which is why I blog twice or thrice a week and spend the time I’m not blogging on blog promotion.

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      1. Personally, I prefer to blog for a few days every week and spend the other days promoting my blog posts. When I newly started blogging — or rather, when I started blogging actively, I was blogging nearly every day. This was because my schedule back then was filled with less activities when compared to how it is now.
        Now, I’m in college, I attend some tutorials after my classes, and I have some side hustles I’m dedicating much time and energy to. I can’t blog every day, however hard I try.
        So, on the days I can’t blog, I promote my old blog posts. I won’t lie to you: blogging every day will most likely get you more traffic than blogging once or twice a week will. But if you’re living my life, you can’t possibly create QUALITY content every day. In that case, instead of blogging every day to bring you new followers, it’ll only drive your old followers away because, well, your content sucks.
        How often do you blog?


      2. I’m trying to find my way so far it’s every other day. I’m trying get into the mood or blogging then promoting my blog. I’m just trying to find the right way to get out there so I can build the fan base of my page.

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      3. I understand how you feel.
        Just try out any strategy that comes to your mind. Or better yet, surf the net for tried and tested strategies that work, then incorporate them into your blogging routine. If a strategy works for you, all to the good! If it doesn’t, you can always devise or look for a better one to try.


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  3. I always notice a steady influx of traffic when I post every day for a week, but I also struggle to keep up with that momentum and then slide back into my usual 3-4 times a week schedule. I find it easier to post one day and promote the next. Otherwise I feel like I am just cranking out content and not getting the connection part that I started blogging for in the first place.

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  4. Thanks for posting. I have wondered this question myself. For me, I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself to post every day. If it happens, great, but I’d hate for the joy of blogging to become a joyless chore.

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  5. I blog everyday because I write everyday and I think everyday and I meditate every day and I reach out to others everyday and I breathe everyday. I enjoy the company of other bloggers, but I don’t let the vicarious relationships interfere with face-to-face encounters. It is the relationships cheek to cheek that give me fuel for/inspiration for the ideas I want to write. It’s not a chore. It’s a pleasure. I’m retired. I get to choose how to spend my time. I choose blogging as one of my daily activites. But, to each his/her own!

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  6. Honestly, I blog as the feeling strikes me. Sometimes I have several posts in one day. Some days I don’t post at all.

    I know they harp on “consistency,” but the whole point of my blog is openness and being real with where I am at any given moment. So when I am having a hard time, I blog. When I stumble across something that I feel strongly about, I blog. I also have weekly set topics for specific days, and those stay consistent.

    If I notice too many blogs in one day and I still feel like writing, I will save them in drafts or schedule them out over the next few days.

    I think it’s important to do what works for you.


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  7. Blogging everyday is cool but we shouldn’t force ourselves into it because we might end up writing something that isn’t there or isn’t on point. I know people say blogging everyday requires goals and commitment…. Hello! Who doesn’t have that? Everybody want to do that everyday but when ideas or inspiration isn’t coming you don’t force it, you just have to allow it to flow….I also tried blogging everyday but eventually I gave up not because I am tired or not interested but because my brain needs to relax… Great post

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  8. Like you said, it depends – I’m trying to set more of a schedule for myself – so that I don’t lose the joy of blogging. Hoping to be more consistent going forward – I told myself I could totally do two a week – but now I’m thinking I’ll probably keep to once a week since I’m just starting – thanks for all the continuous tips and recommendations you always share !

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    1. Consistency is key. I did write a blog post about it. It is extremely important to keep to a schedule, so your readers know what to expect.

      Once a week is okay. It gives folks the chance to comment, so there could be enough time for some interesting conversations in the comments.

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  9. I have two blogs with different purposes. With the poetry blog, I will do daily (most often) while the other, that requires more content, I blog when the topic inspiration hits which is usually once per week. My hard and fast rule is not to do a blog entry more than once per day. I believe too many posts per day can overwhelm the reader.

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    1. It all depends on the type of audience you have. After all, if you were to post multiple times a day from the very beginning, then all those who choose to follow you would be people who are not overwhelmed by that, albeit this could mean that there are folks who don’t usually read all your blog posts, but just a few of them.

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  10. I think that posting a blog post everyday would put an expectation in the readers for something new daily.

    I believe that an author should work toward consistency in their posts, perhaps after deciding on a schedule of when to post, you could put a message on your blog, ex. Daily posts, weekly and what day to look for new posts. This could be helpful if you have multiple blogs.

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    1. I’ve seen this done by a lot of youtubers. They write in their bios what days of the week they post new content. It’s quite interesting. And, yes, I believe consistency to be one of the essential ingredients of successful blogging.


  11. No. I don’t blog everyday. I maintained several blogs and two of them I blog once a week. The rest are once a month. To me quality is better than quantity. Also I need balance in my life. I love to read, do some gardening, cook, clean the house and take care of my husband who has chronic kidney disease while also writing a book and editing three newsletters.

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  12. I don’t believe blogging everyday is necessary, but it truly does depend. Mostly it depends upon the blogger and what they want out of blogging. I don’t blog every day. I don’t want to feel as if my work is “forced” I would rather have fewer quality posts. Quality over quantity.

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  13. “When it comes to blogging advice, I try to stick to fundamentals of solid writing. Ultimately, blogging is just a platform.You’re either writing something compelling that resonates with readers, or you’re not.”

    ~ Totally agree on this one. 🙂

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  14. Very interesting. From what I am learning, it is important to blog consistently to improve viewership. I think its more important to be consistent (even if its posting once every 2 weeks) than to post every single day. I guess it also depends on your content as well.

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  15. Sometimes I wonder how on earth others manage to blog so often let alone reply to others and read other posts! If you have a set routine it makes regular posts easier but juggling kids, work, volunteer work, afterschool classes and building it means life frequently gets in the way.

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  16. I challenged myself to write every day during my 100 days without alcohol. I find it really tough when I have nothing interesting to say and still churn something out. I won’t do it this way again. I agree quality is way more important than frequency.

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  17. It depends on why the blogger began blogging, and what goals he or she has for the blog, etc. I believe God called me to blog because he has things he wants to share through me. So, he has me write daily, because he has something he wants to communicate daily through me, through my blog.


  18. It all just depends. Sometimes I feel like I really have to write on a particular day and so I do. At other times when I have not much to write, I dont. I prefer quality to quantity but also recognise that blogging is sporadic.

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  19. I love when people blog everyday. I think it helps see how their thoughts are building. But it’s often people who I want to see into their minds. I don’t need to read a well put together blog everyday. It’s almost as if I want to read their journal.

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  20. As someone who has literally just began blogging, I seem to ask myself the same question. My initial plan is to blog based upon the quality of my content. If one is feeling creative and inspired to write, then simply write. Even if you have already written. Do not let that be a factor.

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  21. I don’t think it’s a necessity to blog everyday, but at least me consistent with it. I try to blog everyday, but sometimes it can’t be done. As long as you’re not leaving major gaps in between your posts you should be fine

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