10 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Writing an Amazing Blog Post

So. You sit at your desk, ready to punch those damn keys until a blog post will appear on your screen.

But… how?

Is there an easy to follow, step by step guide?

As a matter of fact, yes, there is.

  1. Get your mindset right.
  2. Craft a brilliant headline.
  3. Open like a boss.
  4. Use persuasive words.
  5. Don’t forget to write like yourself.
  6. Insert killer bullet points.
  7. Create fantastic subheads.
  8. Tell a seductive story.
  9. Pay attention to the details.
  10. End it all like a boss.

9 thoughts on “10 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Writing an Amazing Blog Post

  1. I’ll follow those ten steps today. I can do that! And if only one reader is inspired by my words, it will be worth the effort. It’s not about numbers. Yesterday I rec’d a phone call from the mom of one of my 1973 kindergarten students. I didn’t even know she was reading my blog(she never leaves “likes” or comments – to my knowledge). She was moved/encouraged by the post “surrounded-by-angels” enough to pick up the phone and find my number. We talked for a wonderful hour. Yes, punch those keys. Get the message out there. Let God do the rest! It’s not about numbers. Thanks for your constant encouragement, Cristian.

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