We Interrupt this Program

Hey guys,

Cristian here. Again.

Sorry to bother you. Again. But I want to make sure you know there are two new tutorials available as free downloads here and here.

Some pretty good stuff there, if you’ve been struggling to get some traction with your blog, engaging with your readers, growing your following, or if you ever wondered what are the best ways to monetize.

And, yeah, you can use this opportunity to ask me anything blogging related in the comments section below.

Oh, and there are only ten spots left for The Art of Blogging. Just 10. TEN. And then the price goes up. Oh, and the cool perks? They’re gone too.

So, what do you get if you head over my e-store real fast and pre-order this cool book?

  1. A detailed, written feedback on your blog. Everything, from the visual aspects to the content itself to social media to the way you interact with your readers, analyzed. Of course, answers will be offered, steps to take to rectify any mistakes.
  2. Bonus content in the form of 4 (FOUR) exclusive tutorials that will be sent to your e-mail address.


What else?

Oh, yeah. The e-book can be ordered anywhere. Literally anywhere on Earth. I think you can even order it from space or something.

Also, the e-book will be made available for download on the 15th of March. It will be made available in multiple formats, so you can read it on your tablet, e-reader, laptop, or even smartphone.


4 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Program

    1. On this blog? Pff… probably this one: https://artofblogging.net/2018/09/28/how-to-be-a-boss-at-blogging-when-you-have-0-followers/

      Why? Because I had fun writing it, it only took some half an hour to write and edit, and people loved it.

      On my main blog? This one: https://cristianmihai.net/2019/02/05/what-if-i-fall/

      I wrote this one inspired by some of my favorite lines ever. I also realized that I wanted to inspire and motivate people, which subsequently made me change the topic of my main blog.

      This is tricky. It’s like having to choose a favorite son or something. There are quite a lot of them.

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