The Five Qualities of Great Blog Posts

Almost every “blogging blog” out there and about 97% of all blogging guides ever written state that one should always choose quality over quantity; one should write great content.

How does one do that though? What does it mean to write a great blog post? Hmm?

Well, there are a few qualities of great blog posts that set them apart from meh blog posts.

A great blog post:

1. Solves a problem – Believe it or not, people read a blog article to solve a problem. Yes, that problem can be as simple as having a few minutes to kill, being bored, or wanting to laugh.

A blog post that doesn’t solve a problem doesn’t get read, shared, or commented on.

2. Engages the Reader – Some bloggers mistakenly believe they’re in the role of the teacher. They’re not. A great blog post is something like history being taught by the class clown; interesting information being delivered in a way we understand, while laughing our eyes out.



18 thoughts on “The Five Qualities of Great Blog Posts

  1. After years of postponing, I finally gathered the courage to create my own blog and I must thank you for all this useful information! It really is so helpful having your posts bring us(me) with our feet back on earth when we (I) get lost in all the things we want to do, should do, could do, and clearing the air a bit. So thank you, again! 🙂

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    1. That’s the trick, because no one likes the boring teacher. I think it comes down to you thinking that the info you are sharing is cool, not just useful. Something that’s got you excited that’s sure to get someone else excited too.

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  2. Reading your blog posts is like going on a refreshing yet muscle-building walk, attending an eye-opening seminar and having a fabulous chat with a mentor over a cup of coffee (or tea). Thank you!

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