Are You The Next Blogstar?

When I started my main blog back in 2012 I knew one thing and one thing only: I would never give up.

No matter what.

I thought that I’d better die trying than live with the regret that I could have, yet I was too scared and didn’t.

While the tactics and tips and tricks that make the basis of many articles on this blog are helpful, the bottom line always comes down to the work.

It’s about perseverance. To be serious about the words you share with the world. Serious enough to even starve from time to time. And I’m not just throwing an old cliché around here.

Because, the truth is, no matter if you end up becoming a proper blogstar or not, at the end of the day, you are alone with your work. You have to live with it, sleep with it, suffer the consequences of it, and stand by it.

Don’t go for the cheap laugh. Get the real one.

Don’t think about a few followers and likes and comments, think about eternity.

Do the work. Do your best, even when nobody is watching. Maybe it’s “especially” when no one is watching.

There’s no other way. No substitute. No shortcut.

If you want it, you got to do whatever it takes to have it.


9 thoughts on “Are You The Next Blogstar?

  1. I’m writing my blog to get my voice out of my head, the million stories that haunt my mind preventing sleep, the ideas & thoughts that I write endless notes about. I write to conquer the fear that what I write might actually be liked by someone. I hope in the near 9000 words I’ve put out there so far, that someone finds something in the ramblings of a lovely Mum trying to be heard.

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  2. Perseverance is the word that stands out to me. I’m struggling to be consistent, to create good content and persevere over time. Posts like this help keep me motivated so I can continue evolving.

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    1. Perseverance is the secret ingredient. A great substitute for talent, intelligence, or knowledge. I dare say that’s why so few ever succeed.

      You must be willing to do it and do it and do it and do it until you get it right.

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