A Quick Guide to Guest Posting

There are quite a lot of different opinions regarding guest blogging. Some think it’s a great way to grow your audience, others believe it’s not worth the effort, and that you should focus on posting your best content on your own website.

Maybe you’ve thought of trying it, maybe you’re not sure how to proceed…

So what’s a blogger supposed to do?

Is guest blogging not worth the time and effort or, worse, dead?

The truth is that, just like commenting on other blogs, it all comes down to doing it right.

How do you do it right?

That’s what this guide is going to answer.

You want to grow your blog, right? So the trick is to write the kind of guest blogs that get you more readers.

You need to provide value, which basically means writing the best content that you are capable of.

You also need to ensure the following:

  • The blog you guest blog on has enough readers to justify your time and effort.

As a general rule, you need to pitch blogs that have at least twice as many readers as you. Or at least 5,000 followers.

  • The readers are interested in your niche.

There’s no point in guest blogging on topics that you do not write about on your blog, no matter how tempting it might be at times.

  • Pick a topic that strongly interests the target blog’s readers, and at the same time is clearly connected to your blog’s topic.

If you write a blog post that fits the target blog perfectly, people will read it, but they won’t become your subscribers if the topic isn’t also connected to your own blog.

  1. Read the “most popular posts” on the site you’re writing for.
  2. Go through the most recent 20 or so posts and see which ones have the most shares and comments.
  3. Pick a topic that relates clearly to what your blog is about.
  • You need a strong and clear call-to-action.

Most bloggers just include a link to their blog at the bottom of their post and hope for the best. And people rarely click on that link. You need to ask them to click on that link.

Include a short description of who you are, what your blog is about. Make it a bit sassy, might even want to offer them an incentive (like a free download that can be found on your blog)

If you take the time to learn how to effectively guest blog, you’ll get traffic and grow your audience significantly.

You also earn more credibility, have social proof, which will make it easier to guest blog for bigger websites.

And most importantly, the relationships you build with fellow bloggers lead to more opportunities and they may even help you promote the content on your own blog.

If you have the right goals and the right tools, guest blogging is an awesome way to grow your blog quickly.


16 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to Guest Posting

  1. Cristian, I was hoping you could include a post on how to go about getting your first guest post. I know it involves research and finding the right blog (you mentioned they should have at least twice as much traffic or 5,000 followers, and that they should be within your niche). I guess I’m wondering how you build that relationship and approach that conversation. Should you have a media kit already? What can a newer blogger do to increase their chances to be accepted for a guest blog post?
    Hopefully you have a post planned on this, because I really don’t want to spend up your time, but any help you could give would be appreciated.

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    1. Hi Kamber,

      Here’s a sure way to get that first guest posting opportunity.

      Find the top 10 bloggers in your niche. Well, you should already know who they are, because it’s almost impossible to blog properly otherwise.

      Anyway. Get to know them. Then comment on their blog posts. Put some effort into it. Ask questions, politely disagree, offer value through your opinions.

      Basically befriend them. Build relationships with these bloggers. Take part in the conversations on their blog. They will take notice.

      Then you can ask them if they’d like you to guest blog for them. It depends if they accept such a thing, of course. Do your homework on that. Of course, you can minimize the chances of them declining your offer by first asking them if they’d like to be interviewed by you.

      Of course, you can start even lower that than: say a blog post of theirs inspires you to write something. Link to their blog post. Acknowledge their influence. They will appreciate it.

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      1. Thank you so much, Cristian, for your advice and taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it. I will ensure I made it worth your time by following through with action.

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  2. Thank you for the advice. Very much appreciated. Guest blogging is probably on the bottom of my list to do and it sounds pretty scary! I, Elfriede, just started blogging for my husband since our marketing adviser suggested that a blog would be an essential tool in promoting and getting the word out for the book my husband published. So, since I just started I have been doing and still am looking for advice in the area of BLOGGING!

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  3. New territory? Commitment to be being consistent? Never was a big fan of all this social media but that is a necessary key to success in blogging, I guess? Will keep trying and putting more effort into it. Thank you for caring! Blessings

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