The Best Way to Get More Blog Subscribers

This is the question I get asked the most.

Despite writing on this subject a couple of times, and basically dissecting every tip and tactic I know for converting site visitors into regular readers, people seem to think there’s some big secret.

No one wants to believe that there’s no magical secret. They’d rather fantasize about some forbidden technique that drives subscriber attraction. If I’d just share the magical words that make the difference, they’d immediately put those words to use.

OK, I give up. I’ll tell you the real secret.

The most important and all-powerful words that cause people to subscribe to your blog in large numbers are… the ones other people use when talking about you.

That’s it. That’s the *real* secret.

There are a lot of bloggers out there that are working hard at creating content, but getting nowhere. It’s because what they’re producing doesn’t fill a need, or the subject matter is too well-covered and the blogger has not discovered an angle to set themselves apart. In either case, the content is simply not engaging enough.

The word engaging gets tossed around all the time, and I wonder if people truly know what it means.

Engaging simply means worth talking about. And, yes, it could be bad or good; a fleeting distraction or something worthy of continued focus; a blog post that causes a minor single-day stir or a blogger who quickly rises in prominence.

The truth is that you can’t please everyone, just the people who matter. To you.

You must get people talking and linking, but they also have to be recommending. Those words of recommendation — whether express or implied — are more powerful than any other when it comes to building your authority and subscriber list. And that brings us full circle back to offering remarkable value to others with your content.


4 thoughts on “The Best Way to Get More Blog Subscribers

  1. ohhh … I love your articles! they’re so not what everyone else is doing. The honest, simple, direct, teasing, gentle wordplay … and I like what you said because no matter how powerful the internet becomes nothing will be like the word of mouth from a friend to a friend. Family to family, and so on. No one takes something from a stranger 100% UNLESS 1) he earned it 2) a referral worth listening to

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