Ask Me Anything: Part 21 min read

Hey guys,

Cristian here. Ask me anything you wish to know about blogging. Easy. Go.

P.S. You can check our previous AMA here.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

30 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything: Part 21 min read

    1. Irrelevant? I think that’s relative. Maybe even the most selfish post ever got someone else inspired. Maybe not. Who knows?

      I always ask myself what my readers would like to read. I also ask myself who those readers are. It is crucial to get these two questions right.

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. It shows how dedicated you are to your page, which is something I think we all can learn from. I know you’re swamped, so I’ll be brief.

    Do you think it’s worth investing time into interacting with writers on social media?
    I originally thought that it would be great way to connect with my readers on a more personal level and widen my reach, but I’m finding that it’s more of building an audience from scratch all over again. It’s a completely different world.

    If it’s worth is, which platform do you think we should be focusing on?

    1. I think it is worth interacting with writers, readers, and pretty much anyone in between. The social element of blogging is more important than most give it credit.

      The thing is, people like to purchase stuff from people they know, admire, trust. That is the truth. So, if you want to sell books, it helps to interact with fellow people.

      As for the best platform, use the ones you like the most. Depends on your preference. If you enjoy tumblr or pinterest, don’t give them up because Instagram is cool now.

      1. Yes, I agree with you on the social aspect of blogging.

        In some ways, WordPress itself acts as a social media platform though I suppose it isn’t as intimate as conventional social media.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. Hope you have an incredible 2019! ❤

  2. I write poetry and I realise that I end up getting more likes on posts that are easily comprehendable. But I enjoy writing the way I do, with words that may mean something else to someone else. When people make it their own and relate to the same words which others did in their own way. Being a blogger, I don’t know if it’s good to say this but
    I write for myself. Not the way people like, but the way I want. I know it sounds very messed up but I think I just want to know how to write in a way that pleases me as well as my fellow bloggers. I’ve been blogging for a year and I don’t even have 300 followers :/

    1. Hi Netra,

      I think you should write what you want, when you want, how you want.


      At the same time, you need to figure out who your audience is, what they want to read, and how to best connect with them.

      See the predicament?

      The paradox, so to speak.

      It’s a balancing act. Like walking on tightrope. You are free to write what you want, but if you want more readers, you kind of have to compromise a bit of that freedom. Not all of it, because that is going to make you unhappy.

      So, my answer is to try to write stuff you love writing AND stuff that that your readers engage with more. Experiment until you figure things out.

      1. Netra I have the same problem. I wrote what I thought was one of my best articles but it got very little attention because of the way it was written and what it was about. If people can not understand your posts then they are not going to follow you. I looked at your posts and while they are unique, if you want followers try a series of easier to understand ones. A partition could satisfy both you and the wider world here.

  3. I just started blogging. But I am not at all confident in posting. I keep on rewriting sentences thinking whether it is okay or not when I post something. Do you have any advice?

    1. Perfectionism, for the most part, is just procrastination in disguise.

      You have to let it go. Just work on producing a huge volume of work. Write, write, write. And realize that perfection does not exist, that no matter how much you labor over a certain sentence, it will never be perfect.

  4. I have a WordPress plan that tells me I have a “free domain” provided with it – (not free I am paying for the plan) and it keeps reminding me that I should take advantage of that and rename my blog something with my name and not WordPress. Why would I want to do that?

      1. Thank you for that clarification. I am not a professional… just enjoy writing and sharing ideas with fellow bloggers and the people with whom I interact. What does SEO stand for and how does the “ranking” help?

    1. When you begin to become afraid that if you change something you might screw everything up, that’s when you have to change. Otherwise, you will be forced to change at some point. Be reactive rather than proactive.

      1. I see, I’ve always been prone to spontaneity outside of blogging so I’ve been trying to go for something stable online. But I have no idea when stuff like that becomes stale as it just always feels stale to me.

        ECHO ECHO

  5. Thank you Christian, again.
    For this.

    What I want to ask is, when guest-posting, can you use articles you already posted on your own blog? Or can you still come back to use that same article on your own blog?

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to re-use content already posted on your blog. Or to use that content again on your blog. It’s operating out of scarcity. You’re not going to run out of ideas any time soon, and you can’t use up creativity. Use your best ideas. More will come to you.

  6. I’ve been following your blog ever since I started WordPress and your tips have helped me a lot. Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn more and grow.
    In one of your advices, you said it is better to stick to a certain theme when it comes to blogging. Like zero in to one topic whether it may be about fashion, motivation etc.
    I’m slowly gaining followers and readers who keep tuning in and for which I am truly grateful for.
    I’m thinking of adding another element in my blog… maybe short fiction. Is mixing 2 elements in one blog at this stage advisable?
    Thank you very much Cristian 😊

    1. Hi Eva,

      First of all, thank you for your compliments.

      Now, to answer your question: first, you need to figure out who your readers are and why are they reading your blog. What are their hobbies, what do they get out of your blog.

      Then you can decide if adding another topic to your blog is a good idea or not. Do you think short fiction is something your readers would enjoy reading? Does it add to your current topic? Does it enhance the experience?

      The thing is that blog topics should compliment each other. They should cater to the same audience. That’s the rule, at least how I see things.

      1. Thank you so much for your insight. I will give much more thought on this. 😊

        But I have a slightly clearer picture of where I’m headed. 😊

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