A Simple Five Step Guide to Creating a Popular Blog

After you figure out who it is you want to reach with your blog, it’s time to figure out how to deliver valuable and unique content.

What’s the angle that will capture attention and attract regular readers who eventually become loyal fans?

The following five step guide will help you speak to your intended audience in a way that allows you to develop a distinct voice in your niche or field of expertise, and also facilitates your blogging goals.

1. Check out the Competition

It’s inevitable that you came across your competition when you were identifying your audience.

It doesn’t hurt to take another look however, to make sure you’re not missing other competitors, as well as blogs that are complementary or industry focused.

You may find that the only unique thing about the leading blog in your niche is that they started blogging before everyone else did. While being first has big advantages, a “plain vanilla” market leader should be viewed as an opportunity, not a deterrent.

2. Employ Lateral Thinking

Many people feel that the key to differentiating yourself can only come from off-the-wall creativity. And while lateral thinking is crucial to separating yourself from the norm, a logical justification is also required.


9 thoughts on “A Simple Five Step Guide to Creating a Popular Blog

  1. My High School English Literature Teacher had great expectations, she liked the way I spoke my Mind. Her great advice to me was to always seek to find out what the Author isn’t saying. People like Shakespeare exhausted me trying to figure out what he wasn’t saying. With you my Friend I don’t have to figure out what you are not saying. Thanks for being straightforward.

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