Blogging Mindset: Patience is a Virtue

In case you do not have the time to read this entire post, then you should know that people usually work for years and years before becoming an overnight success. And you will too.

That’s it.

Now, for the rest of this article.

Patience is not just about waiting.

The truth of the matter is that goals almost always take longer to accomplish than our most pessimistic expectations. That’s just how it is, especially when attempting something new or ambitious.

I know, because my first blog, I quit after three posts, and no likes or comments whatsoever.

Would I ever recommend quitting after only three posts? Heck, no. But I had no patience.

I wanted it now.

Anyway… the truth is that the best mindset to have is one of having to work and work and work and try and fail and try and fail and do this until you feel like giving up, really give up, and never type anything longer than a few sentences, and to know that we you reach that point, you’re only getting started.

Oftentimes, in blogging or life, success is simply the matter of slowly building a bridge over a river. Of tears. Of your own tears.

Patient and impatient

What I suggest is that you are patient in an impatient way. Sort-of. Give me a minute to explain.

Work like you are going to die tomorrow.

It’s showtime.

The sun’s up, and you have to write something.

What if the post you’re currently working on is going to be your last? Would you be proud of it? Would you want others to remember you by this last post? Is it just a meh blog post? Is something you just had to write? Or you wrote it because you had to write something?

To paraphrase the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, you could leave life right now…

Use this sense of urgency to work as hard as you can, to create content that you are proud of, to write your heart out about the stuff that matters to you, to punch the damn keys because your time on this earth is limited…

And all the while you must be aware of the fact that success is going to take longer than you fear in your nightmares. To expect that it’s going to take the kind of effort that will make you wonder if you are still human…


14 thoughts on “Blogging Mindset: Patience is a Virtue

  1. My dear friend, you inspired the F*** out of me by writing this one line, “What if the post you’re currently working on is going to be your last?” | Thank you so much… I’ve noted down this in my notebook. Much love to you…

    Liked by 1 person

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