Are You a Blogger or Just Blogging?

Here’s a harsh truth for you: blogging is a bit like sports. Anyone can do it, but few can do it at a professional level.

And while hardly anybody with an ounce of sanity who takes up tennis or golf thinks they’ll eventually turn pro at it, just about everyone who starts a blog, or is secretly writing a novel, all of them are dreaming of hitting it big somehow.

This is a brave new world: anyone can do it, just push a button and you’re out there. Suddenly everybody is blogging, and they all wish this was what they’d be doing as a job.

But there’s a big difference between blogging and being a blogger.

Read on to find out.

Everyone who blogs and has even a single ebook for sale on their site is out to conquer the world. Just like the thousands of people who have self-published a novel, the name of the game is promotion. Networking. Linking. Joining a community. Branding yourself. One of the best strategies for all of it is blogging. It’s why we’re here today.

But pretty soon you may find yourself distanced from the writing itself.

Quality First, then Promotion

The best and most effective blogs are about the reader. About delivering value, however you want to define the word. A blogger who forgets about delivering value merely promotes… until the promotion itself becomes the blog. It becomes just about selling something (which ironically tends to sell less).

This is a mistake that I am guilty of. It’s easy to get sidetracked, so to speak, when there are bills to pay, services and technology to buy, add-ons, domains, software, and all that jazz…

It’s easy to forget that if you write the best blog posts that you can, if you work on over-delivering, then all else will somehow take care of itself.

In other words, if you write a fantastic blog that is read by hundreds of thousands of people, even a lousy donate button will do the trick. If your content sucks, then even the most amazing e-course accompanied by great copywriting won’t sell.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

At the end of the day, at least if you do it right, it’s just about quality content. About delivering a gift to your reader. About throwing it out there and seeing what comes back to you.

That’s the difference between a blogger and someone who just blogs. A blogger is someone who thinks of his blog as his gift to the world.

High-quality blogs live this ethic day in and day out. Read them carefully and you’ll see that the common element is a selfless focus on the reader, an enthusiastic delivery of real value, with a foundation of credibility.

It’s why lots of folks subscribe, it’s why they have the chance to earn a living by doing only that.

Bottom line – value is the one business model that never fails. Even for bloggers.


76 thoughts on “Are You a Blogger or Just Blogging?

  1. What a fricking awesome post!!
    The blog/ sport star analogy hit me hard too.

    You’re so right that most people accept they won’t become a pro in sports but nearly everyone thinks they can in blogging.

    Man you’re so spot on about value too. If we can really add that then nothing else matters, you’re s*** will get promoted for you.




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  2. This post reminds me of Simon Sineks book – Start with Why – which to be honest I haven’t finished yet but I do like his philosophy that if you believe in what you’re doing then so will your consumer, employee, audienc, etc …

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