Don’t Blog. Write!

I know what you’re thinking.

But I am just a blogger.

First of all, I suggest you give up on the “just.” You’re not just a blogger. You’re the blogger. A blogger. But never just.

Secondly, there’s a bit of writer in you, even though – out of fear – you try to deny it. I know this because you’re reading this post, so you must be a writer. I also know that you are afraid of thinking of yourself as one.

Well… what if I were to tell you that there’s this one thing you need to change, and then you’ll be proud to call yourself a writer?

Would you believe me?

One small thing, that’s all it takes. And then you’ll be a writer for the rest of your life.

Don’t blog. Write!

There are bloggers, and there are writers.

What’s the difference, you ask?

Bloggers are casual about writing. They see themselves as something different. Think of the difference between a professional boxer and someone who just likes to pick up fights in bars.

To a blogger, words are the necessary tool in order to share their ideas. A means to an end. Yes, all bloggers know that words are important, but…

They don’t write. They blog.

While writers write. They sit at their desks, block out the world, and they focus on their words and only on their words. Writers approach a blank page with the kind of ritualistic awe that priests of every religion have approached holy artifacts for thousands of years.

Writers don’t edit as they go, don’t break out of their state to watch funny cat videos on Facebook.

First, they write. That’s what writers do. They write. Everything else comes after that; editing, adding links, videos, pictures.

You write your first draft with your heart. You punch the damn keys.

Don’t think, just write!

That’s the spirit. Funny how inspiration is supposed to come to us from who knows where, when it’s always been within us. Deep within us. Hidden away in the most secret drawers of our hearts.

Do you blog, or do you write?

Be honest with yourself.

Do you remember the last time you wrote? Remember how you felt?

Try writing. Believe me, it’s a lot better than blogging.


52 thoughts on “Don’t Blog. Write!

    1. Love your thoughts, and I recognize that I have the characteristics of both, and they fight for dominance in my head and my heart. And my thoughts on “I am JUST” (a whatever), are that whatever one considers themselves to be, they should consider themselves (and work toward) being the absolute BEST, and a gift to the world! Thanks again for a great post.

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  1. Thank you Cristian. I’ve considered myself a writer for a long time but ‘issues’ have held me back. After reading this, it reminded me of a previous teachers very encouraging and positive comment on my writing and, well… I am a WRITER. So thank you again !!!

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  2. Oooh I love this! Golly, I don’t know what on earth I am. I blog, but I write. The thing is that I don’t want to say I’m a writer just because I’m writing a book which someone or no one might read, because that feels as though I’m bragging. It makes me feel a little self-important and I am the worlds biggest self-deprecator if that is even a word. But suffice to say, I love what I do and yes, I want to be a writer. I do it every morning for a couple of hours except today, where I’m sitting here blogging! Love you post! Thank you for making me think … I love that! Katie x

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  3. Interesting piece. I know what you mean. I write all the time, and it was always what I intended to do here. Thisnpkace was to be anplatform for my poetry. However, upon feading other people’s Blogs, and upon receiviving ‘advice”. Or “support” if I put emotions into my poetry, especially darker ones, i felt disillusioned. And to be frank, fed up. I thought about it and began to wonder what this bligging thing was all about. I did not want to get personal or make my Blog into just a chatty thing. However, I am still doing it, and trying to just post my poetry. And my pietry is hard won. It is my soul and my observations on lufe. I think your,puece here is very good. Thankyou. It is encouraging.

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  4. And I have made lots of errors in my above respinse because I am blind and was trying to do it quickly, whuch was rather a stupid thing to do. Can’t find an Edit button, but hope you can understand what I was saying!

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  5. Wow! This really struck a nerve with me. I started my blog back in June and I’ve been reading about “blogging” and somehow it just doesn’t feel right. There’s been something missing. They talk about keywords, SEO, adding links, keep sentences short, etc. It has felt so formulaic and I’ve been struggling with it. I had a light bulb moment reading your blog post! Thank you!!!!

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  6. Sometimes my posts actually write themselves – it seems the words simply take over. I start off writing one thing, and then somewhere in the middle the post turns into something entirely different. I don’t know if that makes me a writer, but it sure does make me happy.

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  7. I enjoyed your post as well, Cristian. Thank you. I have always thought of myself as a very infrequent blogger, but since becoming retired and finding myself with more “me” time than I did when I was working I have reinvigorated (or maybe resuscitated is a better word) my personal blog. Since I began following you, I have found your posts to be informative and helpful, and especially this particular post. Looking forward to your future posts.

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  8. I started my blog earlier this year and know very little about blogging… I love to write and started the blog as a way to share my writing with others. I feel it’s most important to focus on the content of my posts and words, rather than the blogging aspect. I get what you’re saying here – thanks for posting this!

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  9. I loved this!!!!! I often feel as though I need to condense and simplify things for my blog but the writer and me sees it as another forum to share the creative endeavors.

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  10. Another breath of fresh air. Once again thank you for the genuine motivation to write. My thoughts with regards to writing still continue to evolve. As of late, writing has been greatly been so therapeutic. It has helped a lot. 😊

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  11. This is true, unless that writer is working in a newsroom. There, there’s always a police scanner and TV news in the background, an assortment of phone interviews going on all around and people coming and going and eating at every time of day or night. If you want it badly enough, you can write anywhere, which really comes in handy if you write at home! 🙂 Write on, Blog Whisperers!!

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  12. I loved this! It made me realize that I am a writer before anything else. My site is new and the first few post felt unnatural​ because I was forcing the ideas and the words to sound like a blog. Keep it up!

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  13. Wow, i really love this you made me feel really inspired. Like i can do more then just calling myself or someone a blogger. I’m new here a beginner but shortly wi get the hang of this and love it even more.

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  14. Great response Cristian. One is never “Just a xxx.” A thought I like to leave with others, although somewhat wordy, is this: “You are made in the image of a Higher Power; Artistically Appealing, Beautifully Bred, Completely Capable, Divinely Destined, Extraordinarily Endowed, Fairly Fascinating, Generously Gifted; and not here by accident, but for a purpose! You have a calling, that if left unanswered, becomes; a challenge unmet, a problem unsolved, an opportunity missed, a dream and a legacy unfulfilled, a link missing from the chain of events that were meant to form the history of the world. You become like; the thoughts you think, the material you read, and the people you associate with. Let no person, no circumstance, nor self-doubt define your limits, and dim the light that you were meant to shine upon the world. SUCCESS IS YOU because God created you, and nothing else matters.”

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