Are You Ignoring Your Readers?

One of the most important words we can use in our blog posts is you, so our articles should be primarily focused on the reader. And we also know we need to identify just who exactly our readers are.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to go through all of that and end up not speaking to those people after all? It sounds crazy, but speaking to the wrong “you” is a common problem when it comes to blogging.

The Danger of the Wrong “You”

Even when people know exactly who they are supposed to be speaking to, they often fail to tailor the message to match the audience.

Who is your ideal reader? What does such a person want? Why would such a person read your blog?

What is your contribution? How can you help?

What’s in it for you?

You need to know how to answer these questions, unless you want to risk addressing the wrong audience and expecting the kind of results you’ll never have.

Having the Wrong Conversation

Blogging provides all too many opportunities to get off track with your own audience. The problem arises by chasing the conversation with other bloggers. While it’s essential to get involved in cross-blog dialogue in order to gain links and mindshare in your niche, you need to make sure you tie it all back into the needs of your prospects.

When the conversation is not one that is of interest to your actual readers, however, you’ve got a problem.

Engage in blog conversation, but never miss the opportunity to clearly explain (without jargon) to your readers why it matters to them. If you can’t find a compelling reason why it actually does matter, maybe you need to find another conversation.

Every post is an opportunity to demonstrate why you’re the solution to the needs of a prospect. Don’t leave your target audience out of the conversation. They’ll happily forget you and listen to someone more interesting to them given half a chance.


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