Punch The Damn Keys!

“If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.”Jack Kerouac

Different keyboards provide a different typing experience. It’s all about the keys themselves: their size, the materials they’re made from, the key travel…

I’d say that you should, at least once in your life, use a loud keyboard. The one that you’d be ashamed to use in a public space, for fear of annoying folks.

Yes, use one of those keyboards. Mechanical. Feel the weight of each key as you press it. Write a few sentences, trying to reduce the clutter in your mind to neat rows of characters.

Now, punch the damn keys.

I mean it.

Don’t think. Don’t worry about the sound. Do not give a damn about your surroundings, or your 5 o’clock appointment, or the fact that you need to go grocery shopping later on today.

Just punch the damn keys.

Punch them as if this were the last thing you are destined to do in this life.

Write these words like you mean it. Like you a doing the world’s most important task.

Punch the damn keys. Punch them as if your words were capable of holding the Universe in place.

Who knows? They just might. One day. For just one person. Or several. Who knows?

And if you think this thing is silly, I assure you that the world can always tell. Words that lack conviction are easily forgotten. Discarded even by those who desperately want to believe in them.

So, punch the damn keys!

The world might forgive you if you don’t, but it will also soon forget about you. And that is something you are never, ever going to forgive yourself for.


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