Why Should We Read Your Blog?

There are 24,490,912 blog indexed on WordPress.com. Wait a sec.  Make that 24,490,923. Just on WordPress.com. And a lot more self-hosted blogs, or using a different platform.

About a million blog posts get made every 24 hours. Every topic, every theme, and every subject has been exhaustively covered by hundreds of blogs.

So why should anyone read yours?

Getting noticed seems impossible. But there are blogs that rise up out of that vast sea of sameness. Blogs started by people just like you. You don’t necessarily need great writing talent, although it’s worth developing the talent you have. You don’t need to be able to break the latest tech news or celebrity gossip. And you don’t need to already be famous.

You do need to find something interesting that only you can say, then say it clearly and repeatedly. Here are some ideas for lifting your content out of the limitless ocean of blog mediocrity.

Don’t write in a tired space

Think twice before you start a blog whose sole focus is on affiliate marketing, your adoration of Apple products, or, yes, blogging itself.

It’s not that there’s too much competition. Competition is a great thing. The problem is how rarely anyone approaches these subjects with a truly fresh eye.

It’s not impossible to create exciting new sites on these topics, but you need to have a genuinely new angle or voice. Otherwise, ask yourself if anyone really needs another blog on blogging.

Don’t write in a space no one cares about

If you’re launching a blog (or trying to refine your topic to get more readers), start with some basic keyword research. Look for a subject that gets a healthy amount of traffic every day for combined relevant keyword phrases.

One way to find a great niche is to carve out a small corner of a popular topic. It will be hard to get attention for “weight loss,” but you could create a great following for yourself with “gourmet low-carb.”

Share a unique voice

The more vulnerable you’re willing to get, the harder you are to imitate. And the more likely you are to find the true fans that lead to blogging success.

. . . or be genuinely useful

Even though the world is virtually drowning in information, that information is getting harder and harder to actually use.

Who’s trustworthy? What are the first steps? Which resources actually work? When’s the best time to start? What’s overrated, hard to use, or annoying?

Look around for a set of useful questions you can reliably answer. Keep an eye on forums, blog comments, Twitter, and your own email inbox for problems that seem to come up again and again. Keep looking for ways to help.

It’s absolutely fine if you compile rather than create. It’s not your job to invent something out of nothing. It’s your job to take the nearly infinite sea of information and distill it to something useful.

. . . or have real authority

If you actually make 7 figures on the Web, you are allowed to start a “making money online” blog.

If not, well, don’t.

. . . or focus on your community

It doesn’t matter how many blogs there are on your subject, or how big some of them are. As long as you focus obsessively on offering great solutions that benefit your readers, you’re going to do well.

There will always be bloggers who are smarter, more perceptive, better connected, or more entertaining than you are. But if you can communicate what you have to offer in an exceptional way, you’ll find a warm, responsive audience and all the amazing gifts that can bring.

Let us know in the comments: why should we read your blog?


42 thoughts on “Why Should We Read Your Blog?

  1. I think it is like anything else… a mix of talent and of luck. Not too mention some belief in self. If you really believe you are the real deal… be the real deal. Make some moves to try and jump up signal the planes like those airport guys but like any other “industry” there is going to be a mix of the “great” innovators and the ones that catch fire for some reason we never understand… Hard work alone may carve the stone but luck might grab you a lady.

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  2. So why should you read our blogs? Very simple. Almost everyone, like yourself, like to be creative and often are so even when we think we are not. However we need to find ways to stay motivated to express that creativity whether that be as a painter, writer or simply a dedicated employee with a corporation or loving home-maker. Our site “All Things Espirational” (found at: espirational.net) is a dependable source of motivation and training to help you not only recognize but use that innate creativity within you on a daily basis. It contains daily inspiring quotations and ideas from people both from current day and historical figures which can motivate us on a regular basis. The Espirational Faith blog is a monthly study of the concept of how we have been created with a nature to be essentially creative, and how we can learn to live a life of creativity. And our monthly e-zine, “Espirational Happenings,”: is packed with current events of what’s going on in the field of having a creative lifestyle. It contains a summary of our activities monthly along with a calendar of events which creative people, like yourself, might find interesting and fun to do. Plus we have a digest of what we consider the “Best on the Web” articles about our monthly topics and the creative lifestyle in general. We love the creative lifestyle and want to help everyone learn to express your own creativity in fun and productive ways. If that’s what you are seeking, come visit us at espirational.net.

    (Thanks for this invite to express why someone should read our blog. This has been an excellent exercise for me to do to help me solidify why we are doing this blogging in the first place.)

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  3. Great question. You should read my blog because it is the real life story of my mother, from when my family moved to Australia in 1969 until her untimely death in 1985. For the first time I am sharing her most intimate thoughts – her journals, poems and draft letters. Why? To honour her memory, to share the person she was with my family and friends. It is also a journey of discovery for me as I write each post and especially for my siblings. It is a family history that will be preserved and accessible to her relatives, friends who knew and loved her, numerous grandchildren and the generations that follow. It is a story with heart and I hope you enjoy it. Here is the beginning post in the series https://wp.me/p8UcJO-1v

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  4. I enjoy researching lifestyle topics I genuinely care about, and a blog is a great outlet to share and connect with others interested in the same subjects (wellness, beauty, food, and family). It can be hit or miss. > Flyteliving.com

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  5. Great article and great motivation.
    With my blog I try to help people who are struggling to learn a foreign language or just for people who are passionate about languages just like me.
    I enjoy being able to help people with my articles and most important: I enjoy writing my articles!

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  6. I asked myself that question last year, when I halted my blog for lack of interest. Lately, as I sift through trying to find blogs that interest me, I’m feeling the itch to start back up. So, I think for me, it’s not a question of who should read my blog, it’s more like: do I want to continue my blog just for fun and not worry about the number of followers. The answer so far is – yes. So I’m getting back in the game as an outlet to document my thoughts about things that interest me; like books & knitting & my dogs. Thanks for allowing me to add my thoughts!

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    1. I think you bring up a good point to question the purpose of continuing your blog. I feel like the most important thing is to actually enjoy it. It’s easy for readers to tell if you’re not enjoying it for sure–the writing will come off robotic and one-dimensional. But if you truly enjoy it, your words will jump off the page! That’s what I find attractive in a blog post: some life to the words and a message/lesson learned that I can walk away with. I bet if you start writing about the things you enjoy, as you mention, your blog may grow naturally. Good luck!

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  7. Great post! I recently re-evaluated why I started a blog and some of these points really hit home. Like some responses here, I tend to write for my own selfish cathartic reasons but I’m also looking to connect with people. I’m working on my voice and what better way to do it than with you guys? Thank you!

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  8. Thank you for your insights. As a completely new blogger, this information is great. A very difficult question you have posed. I think my short stories explore the darker side of the human condition, which is maybe the road less traveled.

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  9. I blog mostly to share my views and thoughts about things that interest me and hopefully my readers too .Blogging often helps me express my feelings from a different perspective from every else’s and few of my reader do appreciate that fact.

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  10. There is a variety of opposing opinions online about Mormons and many of them are misrepresentative, twisted, or just plain false. The “anti-Mormonism” movement, while baffling, is also pervasive (it’s kind of like a virus) and does some damage, hurting the faith and interest-level of people who are sincerely seeking answers in their lives in the message of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    As Mormons, we believe those answers exist–where did we come from, why are we here, where are we going, how do we have more peace and purpose in our lives, etc.—and that a lot of people are searching for those answers in their own lives. My name is Patrick Laing, I’m 49 years old, and I’ve experienced life both in and out of the Mormon Church (spiritually speaking). I’m a convert, an active member, I served a full-time two-year mission for the Church (in Italy), taught at the MTC (The Missionary Training Center) for 3 years in Provo, Utah, and have taught everything from Gospel Principles to Gospel Doctrine to Temple Preparation classes as part of my volunteer efforts at church.

    I’m very familiar with the beliefs of the Church, the Mormon canon of scriptures (The Book of Mormon, etc.), and have had many a doctrinal discussion with many a person. In short, I understand Mormonism inside and out and have a very strong testimony thereof. I feel that I can discuss and debate it with the best (though I tend to shy away from any sort of quarrels or negativity; I don’t want this forum to be about contention or “who’s right or wrong”; there’s plenty of that cacophony elsewhere if you want to find it).

    As it stands, The Mormon Church is something that a lot of people are interested in … sincerely, because they too want the peace and joy they see in the lives of its members, or insincerely because they want to bash it for whatever reason (good in the world has almost always met with opposition; it’s been that way all throughout history). I started my blog to try to help “balance the scales” and give those sincerely searching for answers a believer’s perspective: an insider’s viewpoint of the “The Mormon Experience.” The Church and all it stands for is helping millions of people all over the world find lasting happiness. Why is that? This blog seeks to answer that question.

    There are a few folks out there who couldn’t cut it in the Church, who’ve decided it took too much work or they couldn’t live up to the standards we try to live by, or who just got offended or are just immature, ignorant, or mean, etc., and they go to a lot of effort to tear it down, even though to do so isn’t Christlike, right, and/or (usually) presented very accurately. There are others who are just struggling and questioning their testimony for whatever reason. This blog is for them as well. We all need a little support at times.

    In short, whether you’re searching for the truth about us, maybe you’re looking for answers because you’re feeling pressured or are confused by something you’ve seen or heard, or if you’re just trying to wade through all the “noise” online that twists the truth and it isn’t fair to the sincere investigator, this blog may help. I guess I just thought that someone should share what Mormons really believe, and why.

    If you’d like to see what that is, please visit my blog … and tell others about it if you would. Real answers exist. Lasting peace, joy, purpose, and happiness are real. You’ll find all these things and more at https://thedailymormon.com. Thanks, all. I hope to see you there. (Great job on your blog, by the way, Christian. I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the great work! Thank you, much.)

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  11. hmm. Why read my blog? becasue you could enjoy it, it may help you to feel ‘good’, or ‘introspetive, or like you’ve just had a cup of something you love drinking. And if you do’nt love it, i’ts short, so you havent wasted a lot of time.

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  12. I’m finding a few really interesting answers over here regarding why people should read the commenter’s blog.
    My answer for the aforementioned question is this: Although I’ve just written my first blogpost on wordpress and have received a great response from the wordpress community (I’ve written many blogposts for other platforms but just started my own blog a couple of days ago), my blog talks about acknowledgment of fear and how to overcome it. It talks about liberation, power, control, friendships, socialization. My blog is not just a site for catharsis. I believe that the world is already filled with enough negative energy to spew more of it from my inner self. I plan to talk about positivity and how to construct yourself and your character from the negativity surrounding you.
    So, if that sounds like a good idea to you, then you might consider checking out my blog and give some feedback! Thanks☺

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  13. Great post! I think people should read my blog because I focus on simple floral DIY projects that anyone can do without spending a lot of money. My first job ever was working at a flower shop, and I loved learning all about the different flowers and seeing how they come together to make a beautiful arrangement. Most people may feel like they could never make a masterpiece like what they see at flower shops, but I prove you wrong 🙂 Let me know what you think!

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  14. Firstly ,this is as per your usual a great post. Lots of great pointers and ideas.
    The reason I started my blog was to sort of journal as a way to get “things out of my head” as I’ve been put through hell by a place suppossed to help me.

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  15. With my platform I help people who are unmotivated and tired of life to find purpose in life, in as much as the difficulties arises. My blog share great post to these people to don’t give up and keep trying. The starting this blog is a personal experience I faced some years back.

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  16. You raise a very good point about deciding who is trustworthy, and it’s definitely not limited to blogs.

    YouTube is another great example, where charismatic individuals can put for a very convincing argument, only for another channel to challenge their account with some pretty basic facts.

    I think it is really worth trying to work in some references or explanations, if you are talking something that is meant to be informative.

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  17. I write in an effort to do my part in lifting the collective energy of a planet a people whose spirits are sometimes lagging from the weight of a world where negative drama and constant faux “connectedness” vie to claim center stage. I strive to do as Jill Bolte Taylor said and “take responsibility for the energy you bring to this space.” Since I am able to see the light and gifts in others, I believe it’s my duty to encourage them toward emergence of their empowered energy.

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  18. Thank you for another fabulous post and great advice! My blog is for anyone who loves dogs, the great outdoors and photography. I exclusively hike with my dog, Xena. We love sharing our adventures with photos. Not all trails are dog-friendly, so our dog-friendly hiking blog was born. We have a library of dog-friendly trails where you and your furry best friend can enjoy the great outdoors together and make beautiful memories.

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  19. As usual great post – some key points to keep in mind. One should read my blog because there is a little bit in it for everyone. At times social media can be overwhelming and I’ve created a blogazine that kind of slows things down and filters out the noise. There’s also a blog section that dives a little deeper into my personal life experiences. Not sure if I’ll keep that angle but for now that’s what I’m rolling with.

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  20. Here is a possible answer. “You don’t have and I encourage you, not to” hopefully in the future you might get a reference a third party link or suggestion to visit it or at the best scenario, you will find it by yourself while searching for a specific subject. Else, it is just another blog that has anything to offer to you.

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