What Is Creativity?

What is creativity? It’s one of those deceptively simple questions.

What does it mean to be creative?

Well… create is a verb. Creative thinking without execution is not creativity. Also, I personally feel that true creativity results in something useful to others. Something that either solves a problem, entertains, or helps us connect with other fellow human beings.

What do you think?


35 thoughts on “What Is Creativity?

    1. This is a delicious experience for my soul, being asked a question, seeing ideas, responses, enjoying having my mind stimulated. Thanks Christian. So you asked “What is creativity?” Google defines it as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” But anyone could have gone to Google and gotten that answer. So you obviously had more in mind when you asked the question. The Hebrew word for wisdom is חכמה (chochmah) which can be seen as the union of two words, כח (koach), meaning “strength”, and מה (mah) meaning “what”. The strength of what. When you are looking for wisdom, you start by asking, “What is it?” This opens our mind to receive a light. But we don’t know what that light is. So we have to start analyzing it from different angles. From there, we develop understanding. And since from what I’ve read so far on your blog, you seem to be a very interesting person, so I am curious to know what motivated your question? And your comment that you feel “true creativity results in something useful to others” is a clue. You’re not just asking what, you’re asking why. Why should we be interested in creativity. Where are we going with our creativity? How do we apply creativity in a way that will be of benefit to us and the world? When is creativity appropriate? If I want to type out the next word, I’m not going to activate my imagination to figure out a creative way to do so. The questions help to focus our attention, define our objectives, create meaningful interactions, expressions, and inventions. Do you agree with what I’ve said, disagree, have additional thoughts and ideas based on my comments?

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  1. Creativity is an abstract noun. You can have creativity but not have a means to express it. Or you just enjoy doing it however you like. Is a form of self expression.

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  2. I asked my husband “What is creativity?” And he said, “Making something out of nothing.” In that case only Our Maker is creative! So we talked about the attributes: useful, entertaining, connecting to others. It made for an interesting, creative conversation. Thanks!

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    1. Oh, and we continued to discuss. Bob said, “Another component of creativity is uniqueness. It can’t just be a copy of someone else’s creativity. It has to be outside the box.” Hmmm… that’s a thought.

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      1. That is where the concept of the mad scientist comes in. The person who thinks differently and creatively to understand and creative something allegedly unholy or profane. So rather, instead of holy (an idea) it become unholy when it takes on material form (science, art, dancing, etc)

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      2. This is often seen in really inhumane scientific experiments which are so awful… And yet without them we wouldn’t have a lot of the medical or scientific knowledge we have today


  3. I don’t necessarily think creativity has to be useful or solve a problem. Someone can doodle and it can be a creativity outlet but not be useful. I just think it has to be connected to imagination in some way. Without some form of personal imagination involved it would just be copying.

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  4. Kalliope, would you want to be the recipient of some inhumane experiment, believing that your suffering may one day benefit mankind? I think creativity means believing we have the ability and power to find answers to our problems without causing harm to others. It’s believing that by uniting forces, we can come up with solutions that benefit everyone. The first stage in creating unity is clarifying our values and priorities.

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    1. I have been experimenting with psychic phenomena. Because I found my wellspring of creativity. And it’s what brought me here to the internet. I’m on a personal campaign to legitimise the study and and practice of mystic arts, calling myself the antichrist the change the nature of language. Because god is merely a name.


      1. So yes I would be open. Please email me??? I would like to discuss the parameters and stuff before you do anything. Or read stuff from my blog website. To give context. It’s rude to just send energies out without consent xxx your reference to the kabalah points? 100%. I’m Kether.


  5. Hi Cristian…

    Very interesting question and some very interesting responses too!
    I write quite a bit about creativity in my own blog, so was particularly drawn to this topic.

    The irony is that, by posing your question in an open manner, you are encouraging your readers to be creative in their responses. Our answers may not produce anything new or useful, but we are still being creative in our thought processes. If we write down our answers for other to see, then we are communicating with others. But even if we don’t, we have still exercised the creative aspect of our brain to do so.

    Ever since humans walked the earth, they have had a bit of a battle going on in their brains between the primal ” fight or flight” instinct and the urge to be creative. Being creative means using your brain to imagine a world different than the one you inhabit ( even in a small way ) and thus beginning the process of changing it.

    If humans had ignored their natural creative desires and instead devoted all their time to chasing animals for food, then you and I would not be here today, writing and reading these words. We would just be a sadly under achieving primate, albeit one with great potential.

    We are all acting creatively every day of our lives. Some may lose themselves more to the process, spend more time on it, but that’s the only difference really.

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  6. I personally think creativity isn’t the act of creating but the capability to do so. Like how you can call someone physically strong even if they never do any strong people stuff like lifting heavy things. That being said Creativity can be just as pointless as a musclebound couch potato.


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  7. Oh my shattered nerves …. creativity to me is the ability to reach deep inside and expose the weirdness inside myself and others…joyfully and without malice. It’s thinking out of the box to find another off beat solution to a “problem “ given…

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    1. I like that definition. But I think of my creative friend who sews quilts and the one who made her own phenomenal wedding dress. Even if they were following a pattern, there is a creative element in their ability to produce that quilt or that dress, right?

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      1. I agree Jan. I am a crafter and I consider myself creative. I don’t think I’ve ever truly created anything that has not already been created in some form, but my expression of that form is my own creation. For example, if you walk into a craft store you will often find examples of wreaths made with a base of grapevines with silk flowers and ribbon decorating them. Some years ago I took great pleasure in making my own version, still beginning with the grapevine base and using silk flowers, but I had eliminated the ribbon, and used additional materials such as small nests, birds and butterflies. I had added my own uniqueness to something that already existed. This is much like quilting in that your friend still has to choose a pattern and fabrics, and might even create her own quilt pattern, adding her own flavor to something that has been around for generations. Creating something enirely new – something that has never been done before – is not necessary for something to be creative. A new form of music is still music, but has expressed a new creative element to itself through the artist. Think of how writing has evolved: Cave pictures, heiroglyphics, scrolls, illuminated texts, the printing press, internet, and all the different forms of writng with historical texts, books of science, novels, comics, business letters, journals, diaries, texts, emails, blogs, etc. With each new invention, it took a creative endeavor to produce it, but it is all still writing…it has not been some entirely new invention, but a variation on the same theme of writing…all creative.

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